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Hi, I would like to access Oracle/Sybase/Informix directly from within an RPG program. This is something similar to ODBC but in reverse - my data source is external to the iSeries and my application and APIs, or called routines, internal in the iSeries. The access to the external database should: 1. Not employ another server. The complete solution must reside in the iSeries. 2. Be coded in RPG(LE) - not in C++ or Java. C++ or Java routines or classes can be called from RPG(LE). 3. Access to the external database must be realtime. The data must NOT periodically be copied onto the iSeries through FTP or something similar. 4. The solution should, if possible, not implement DRDA. I found 'Information Integrator' on the IBM web site but don't yet know if this will do the job. It is however hellish expensive. Does anyone know if: 1. This is possible 2. How it can be done Any help will be appreciated. Best regards JohnDavid

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I know you don’t want to use Java but I believe you could setup the JDBC driver and use RPG ILE api’s to access it. And have the JDBC driver on your external computers. We are currently looking at that now but have not went any further than discovery.


It isn’t the opposite of ODBC. It’s the same thing as ODBC. The same requirement exists and the same solution applies.

Go to the database vendor — Oracle/Sybase/Informix — and ask them how you can obtain the appropriate driver. Be prepared to pay through the nose, of course. Remote access drivers are always the responsibility of the database vendor. That’s why IBM is responsible for supplying ODBC to access DB2.

Or use JDBC or DRDA (if supported by the vendor; ODBC is a modified subset of DRDA).


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  • Drich400
    You can issue the command WRKRDBDIRE and press enter. When the list comes up. Type a 1 on the first line and enter a descriptive name (ORACLEBOX) in the ENTRY column. When you press enter you will be able to enter the IP address or host name, be sure the type field is *IP. After the entry has been added, you can put SQL statements in your LE programs and connect, select, update, and so forth using the entry name (ORACLEBOX) in the RDB entry. You will need to change the type of your RPGLE program to SQLRPGLE. We used this technique to connect to a DB2 data base running on blade servers that were running linux and websphere.
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  • Benderd
    … there is an Open Source alternative solution available. Using ArdGate, you could access all JDBC databases direct from COBOL or RPG applications, using embedded SQL. Installation and configuration is done in less than a half day. Dieter Bender Access any Database from ADABAS to XBASE with embedded SQL in RPG.
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