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So I have a user that needs to be able to map a shared drive to an Iseries share, and also browse the iseries folders via explorer. When he tries to login he uses servernameusername but it comes back with a error claming to be invalid and or wrong username. he's able to login via emulator fine. any help ? thanks.

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The below is correct User ids and passwords need to match because the mapping by default always tries to use Windows authentication.
Work around use tools to mapnetwork drive and then click on map as a different user than just place in AS/400 credentials with no domain

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  • WoodEngineer
    We see this error when the user's network ID and/or password differ from their IBM i user ID and/or password.
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  • Lovemyi
    WoodEngineer is correct but if his ID and Password match that of his PC/Network ID and password then his ID might just be disabled in Network Neighborhood. You can enable it by changing something on his profile and changing it back or go into iSeries Navigator and going to Network - Servers - TCP/IP and then right click on the i5/OS Netserver server on the right and selecting the Disabled User IDs to see if he is disabled and to reenable him. If the share he is trying to map to does not have the right access then he can also have isseus mapping. It could be lots of different things. Good hunting. Lovemyi
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  • TomLiotta
    ...browse the iseries folders via explorer. Please define your use of the word "folder". Are you using it as a generic term for directories in the the /root file system? Or are you actually meaning folder objects of type *FLR in the /QDLS file system? Actual folder objects would be accessible through a terminal session with the WRKFLR command, while the WRKLNK command could be used for normal /root subdirectories. If you really mean "folders", then there are additional considerations -- and it might not even be possible depending on the PC. Tom
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  • Jymena
    I have the same problem, a user is trying to connect to ISeriesname\qdlsfoldername, his username and password are ok because hi logon via emulator (Client Access) fine. Hi has access to this foldername, but when I try to map network drive from Windows Explorer or MSDOS Session, start a cycle asking for credentials once and again, it is like his credentials were wrong. In the same Computer with other Iseries Users this problem not happen. I have the same problem at least with 6 users. Please help me
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  • TomLiotta
    qdlsfoldername The problem might be that you are using /QDLS which should be discouraged. Move the objects to a directory under the /root file system instead. Are your users enrolled in the server's system directory? What OS is running on the PCs? What is your server's OS version/release? Tom
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