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Hello, I have a table that has Name F1 F2 F3 F4 Wes x Bob x x Mark x x and so on. Certain names have a check mark "x" and others do not. I need to be able to pull up someones name and see a summary of what they have "x"'s in. I created a Columnar form that has each name as a seperate sheet; listing all of the F1/F2 etc with X's and null values Ie. Wes F1 <Blank box> F2 "x" F3 <Blank Box> F4 <Blank Box> Next sheet has Bob etc The problem is, I don't want to print out a form that has 50 null text boxes. How can I make it so that if an F1/F2 field is null, it won't display itself on the form (or take up space on a printed copy)? I have been playing around with visual basic with the following equation: If IsNull(F2) then me.F2.Visible=False Else me.F2.Visible=True EndIf But when I do this, the form comes up as normal with blank boxes included... As a side note: When I click the empty F2 box, edit it, delete everything (returning it to null), and click outside I get the error "You cannot hide a field that is the focus". I'd appreciate any assistance, thanks!

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Run the report through a query and for the criteria use “is not null” and like “F1″ or F2”. Another thing you can do is use the suppress blank spaces in your report design. Good luck!


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  • Wesleycrozier
    Thank you JuJu, If I use a query and an "Is not null" criteria, it doesn't show a record if it doen't have an F2 value. That doesn't work for my purposes because I need to see only the fields that have values; just because F2 is null, doesn't mean the entire record has null values. I'm not very experienced with access though, how do I "suppress blank spaces" in the report design? Thank you for your assistance, Wes
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  • Randym
    I think what you might want is simply to show F1, F4, etc when those are marked with X and not show them when they are not marked. You might create a function where you pass in the values and return one string that has them all stringed together when they have an X in it: Public Function getmarked(F1 As Variant, F2 As Variant, F3 As Variant, F4 As Variant) As String Dim MarkedString As String If F1 = "X" Then MarkedString = MarkedString & "F1, " If F2 = "X" Then MarkedString = MarkedString & "F2, " If F3 = "X" Then MarkedString = MarkedString & "F3, " If F4 = "X" Then MarkedString = MarkedString & "F4, " getmarked = Left(MarkedString, Len(MarkedString) - 2) ' Get rid of the last ", " End Function This function can work for both forms and reports, you just need to have a field's control source set to =GetMarked(F1, F2, F3, F4)
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  • Randym
    I should add that you probably will need to insert this function in a query that the form is based on. Because on a form, any unbound field is applied to all rows
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