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Microsoft Access 2007
I am setting up a database for a small airline. I have an 'Aircraft_Table' with the fields:
Question #1)
I have set up two forms for the 'Aircraft_Table'. One form adds a new record to the 'Aircraft_Table' (i.e. if you are adding a new aircraft to the table). From the Switchboard_Manager I set up the form to be added as a 'New Record' , so all entries in the associated field's TextBox's are clear On Form Load. This form, which is called 'AC_Add_Record' has an associated textbox for each above field listed in the 'Aircraft_Table'. This seems to work fine without any strange errors, so far at least.
Now, I made a second form which is called 'Flight_Log_Update'. The objective here is to be able to input new flight data to update the aircraft with. As mentioned earlier, the variables being tracked are 'AC Current Hours' and 'AC Current Cycles'. Is it possible to be able to have some sort of input field that allows you to type in, for example, '3.9' and would take this and update the
2nd Question)
Now, this one is a bit more in-depth. I started creating this next phase of the project, but now I am not sure the best way to go about doing it. Basically, I need to associate a specific part with an aircraft that is in the 'Aircraft_Table'. This part can have three variables associated with it upon being added to the aircraft; they are: 'Time in Hours already on the part when added to aircraft' , 'Cycles already on the part when added to aircraft' , or 'Days already on the part when added to aircraft'. Now, each part has an associated 'Limiter, or Maximum Safety Rating'. Let's say that this 'propeller', which needs to be associated with a specific 'NNumber' in the 'Aircraft_Table', has a 'maximum safety rating' of '500 hours'. Also, this 'propeller' had 200 hours of time on it when it was added to the aircraft. Is now left with 300 hours. So, when the 'Cycles' and 'Hours' are entered in the 'Flight_Log_Update' form (for a specific airplane record), then Access subtracts what was entered from how much 'life' is left on the part. So, 3.9 hours is added to the a plane using the 'Flight_Log_Update' form. Then, 3.9 hours are taken away from the 300 hours left on the propeller and updates that record. Multiple parts per plane are needed to be tracked. If you anyone can help with this I would greatly appreciate it. Please ask any questions you need to further assist me.
The goal is to view, in a report, which parts have the least amount of 'life' left on them.

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Access, Windows, Access 2007, VBA, SQL, Database

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OK, so first be careful with a database like Access for applications like this. Access doesn’t exactly scale very well as the use of the application grows.

1. Your question doesn’t make a lot of sense. It looks like part of the question got eaten. Please repost that question into the comments.

2. Now, that said if I remember correct access has what it calls queries, which allow you to have multiple statements being executed in sequence. Basically the user would enter the number of hours for the flight. When they click the “Save” button you run the “query” which then updates the airplane table, the flightplan table (or whatever) and the parts table to change the number of hours for everything at once.

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