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Why it is used? What are its advantages?

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Virtualization is a very broad topic. Give a look at WhatIs, you will find some good points. I can tell you why I use VMWare. With VMWare I can test products in a protected environment. I run the virtual machine and if something goes wrong, I just delete the image and start a new one.
There are lots of software companies that offer VMWare images to test the product. You don’t need to install and configure the software. You just get the image and start using.
I’ve also seen education companies that configure VMWare images for their courses. You just do it once, copy it to the student machine and it’s done.
Just my 2cents!


I prefer VMware because it is a more mature product which I feel is more ready for Enterprise use that Hyper-V. For example VMware allows you to cluster several host machines together using shared storage (such as a SAN) which allows you to instantly move a guest machine from one host to another with no downtime. VMware also have some excellent auto restart features so that in the event of a host machine failure the VMware system will auto restart the machines which the now dead host was running on other machines in the cluster.

VMware 3.5 now gives us the ability to move a virtual machine from one drive to another on the host without ever taking the machine offline. So if your disk starts getting full, or having a performance problem you can move machines off on that disk with no downtime.

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  • Eric Siebert
    That is a very broad question. Are you looking for VMware's advantage over the other virtualization products or the advantages to virtualizing in general. If you are looking for VMware's advantage over the competition there are several: 1) Features: VMware has all the cutting edge features built into their virtualization platform 2) Experience: VMware has been in the virtualization game a long time and knows what they are doing. They also have a very robust and mature product. 3) Variety: VMware has a wide variety of products for all areas of virtualization including several free products and also support for a wide variety of platforms. 4) Management: VMware has some very robust management and automation products and a large amoutn of 3rd party vendors that develop add-ons for their products. Read more here. As far as why virtualize there are many reasons: 1) Cost savings due to a variety of factors including power savings, less administration, less hardware, etc. 2) There are alot of advanced features that virtualization provides like the ability to snapshot servers, move servers while they are running from one host to another, high availability and much more. Rather then go on and on, I would suggest checking out these customer case studies and also some general documentation on virtualization.
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