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Hello to all, I am a COBOL programmer working for a life assurance company which uses a life assurance package developed on the iSeries. I have been tasked with looking into whether it is possible for us to copy a 'contract/policy' from our live environment to a development/test environment. This would involves copying all contract/policy details (which are held on numerous physical files), client details (which again are also held on numerous different files), the transaction history of the contract/policy and any other details which pertain to the contract/policy. Is anyone aware of a tool that already exists that may be able to do this or if someone could give me a few pointers as to how this might be accomplished. Thanking you in advance.

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If everything is on files you can use CPYF or SQL, for example. I am not sure what you excatly you are looking for. You copy all your production environment, or just selected data from it ? Is the second environment on another system ?


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  • JohnDavid
    Hi, The first thing you will have to do is some sort of diagram indicating the DB files (tables) involved in one policy - where the data relating to one policy is stored. Then you will have to determine the relationships between these DB files. Then only can you proceed to construct the copy, and if you know SQL it will save you time. The data will also have to be copied in the correct sequence and you will have to consider journalling, trigger programs and all other objects involved, etc. Sorry, I don't know of a tool that will help you. Good luck JohnDavid
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  • JPLamontre
    To be able to copy all these files + some forgetted in the list (yes, I know, it is possible), you have to save your prod database and restore it on the dev system. tolls are SAV* ans RST* (on a i5 command line, type sav* & enter)
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  • JBurelle
    If space permits I would just copy libraries. Is this a separate test machine? Then save/restore libraries from one machine to the other.
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  • TheQuigs
    I know this thread is somewhat dated, but here's my thoughts. I've done similar things in the past. First, populate the master record -- I assume there must be some contract/policy master. Once you have a file to start from, then use SQL something like: insert into devlib/detailfile1 d select * from prodlib/detailfile1 p where exists (select * from devlib/masterfile m where p.keyfield1 = m.keyfield1 and p.keyfield2 = m.keyfield2 and so forth. You can repeat this basic SQL for each detail file until you've built a good test library.
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