553 sorry, your envelope sender has been denied (#5.7.1)

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hi, i have a user that receives a delivery failure report when he sends an email to a particular email address. the delivery reports gives this messaage "553 sorry, your envelope sender has been denied (#5.7.1)" as the cause of the delivery failure. i sent a test email to that email address and i actually get the same results. any ideas why this happened?? your inputs are greatly appreciated!..

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5.7.1 = Delivery not authorized, message refused
Looks like blacklisting or reverse DNS checking.
I would look into your SMTP relay log to see at which step it is refused.
Reasons I can think of are :
The user adress is blacklisted
your domain is blacklisted
you don’t give the FQDN during the EHLO command.
you don’t have a reverse DNS entries on your MX record.

on the other hand : the first code 553 is normally “too many recipients”.
So that could be they customized the response code and that they are meaningless …

i have had experiencing this problem, but it has been solve by enabling the FQDN on my E-mail server.(i am using M-Daemon e-mail server ver 9.6.4).
the option command is located at Miscellaneous Options, put tick / enabled on this command below:
Use FQDN Value in “by” section in all “Received” Header stamps.
once it’s enabled , it works fine. my mails have been delivered without any problem.
if you’re just an e-mail client user, please get your network administrator to do it.

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  • shishir511
    mail has not sent fro 1 week
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  • Subhendu Sen
    @shishir511, is it your office/home? Have you checked if the mail quota is exceeded? How does the mail system configured? You can check Trash/Spam folders if there are unnecessary mails. if any, please delete them all.
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  • ToddN2000
    @shishir511: I assume by the domain name this might be a business mailbox. Talk to your network admin and see if things are getting blocked by security setting or spam filters. We have had issues in the past that were similar. They tightened the spam filter and almost no valid emails were coming in any longer.. Tweaking this is a delicate balance of letting good ones in and keeping the junk out.
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