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Dear All, I need your help! My administration wants to hire a 3rd party IT company to come and assess our IT infrastructure. I'm just not feeling "OK" with that because of all the security risks that may occur. I've worked for this company as a systems administrator for many years now, and frankly we've never faced any security risks/breaches (that I know of) because my network and servers are constantly being monitored for any flaws and working top notch. Can you guys please help me out in mentioning all the risks that we may face in allowing this to happen? Thanks to everyone, Cheers!

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With all of the security breaches and data theft you see today it may not be a bad idea to have a second opinion. They may just be looking at your configurations and software being used. I doubt they will be asking for passwords. If this has come down from upper management ask them why they are looking at a 3rd party. Explain to them your concerns and how much information you should provide to this 3rd party. That way if something does go wrong you can provide information as to why it happened and who authorized it. 

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  • Harisheldon
    Unless you are in a position that makes decisions for the company, I would suggest that you might send an "official" email to your supervisor expressing your concerns. This way, if something does in fact occur when the third-party is on site, you can always refer back to the email that you sent. Do not send it to upper management, you will only upset your direct supervisor and some others that feel you over step your bounds.
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  • Kevin Beaver
    Cuterido, I'm going to say something I don't want you to take it the wrong way because my intent is not malicious but rather to inform/educate. You said "that I know of". Just like with the presidential election, ignorance is bliss. People don't know what they don't know and, in many cases, they see what they want to see. If there's any red flag that you might need an independent assessment, it's this.

    Don't be afraid to have someone come in and assist you. this is the type of work that I do...If you hire the right person, they're not going to come in and make you look bad. Instead, they're going to educate you and your management on the things that can be done to improve the network environment. In the end, you're going to look much better and be better off than today.
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