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Hello, how can I setup 2 dhcp server with switch each and 1 dsl router and both can get internet connections

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You configure what is known as Network Address Translation (NAT) on the router. This then translates the IP address of the server, which is likely to be a 10.x.x.x or 192.168.x.x address, to be the IP address it gets from your service provider. It keeps track of which server, and where it is going, so it can use the same ‘real’ IP address on the Internet for both of them.

Most DSL routers work like this straight from the box, but if you can provide the make and model number, then we ,may be able to help you further with getting this working.

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  • Troy Tate
    Can you clarify what you are trying to do with 2 dhcp servers? Are these on different subnets? Are they on the same subnet? If they are on the same subnet, you should not need to do any router configuration changes. You should separate the DHCP client range into a low segment and a high segment so clients do not get assigned duplicate IP addresses. In other words, setup one DHCP server to assign and the other to hand out or some valid range for your network.
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  • R vishaal
    hello mate using 2 DHCP servers on the same subnet is not recommended , if you have one switch and one Dsl router only , what u can do is : Enable DHCP server option in your router and connect all ur PCs on the switch , automatically all your pc will have internet connection (e.g with Linksys routers and Dlink stuffs ) pretty easy option Phone line goes in your dsl router > the dsl router goes directly to your switch , connect all the PCs on the same switch , thats it ....
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  • Troy Tate
    Lots of organizations have more than one DHCP server servicing a subnet. One may be local on a site and the other remote across a WAN link. Redundancy in DHCP is not necessarily a bad thing in case the local DHCP server fails.
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  • JeffTheWizard
    Just set up two routers behind your main router. Configure those 'slave' routers to use dhcp to get their own address on the upstream. You can expand the number of ports for each slave router with dumb switches. Each router will, by default, serve up it's own dhcp addresses to all computers connected to their downstream ports. Those computers will be on separate networks and will not be able to communicate with each other (without a lot more work in configuration and setting up routing), yet they will easily communicate with the 'net'. You should be aware, though, that computers connected to one of the routers will likely get the same IP addresses as those on the other router. This should not hurt anything unless you wanted to share stuff between computers on the different subnets.
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