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Jan 19 2009   8:13PM GMT

Skype users – does anyone use this on ITKE? – or is it overhyped?

Troy Tate Profile: Troy Tate

Recently I posted a question about using Skype in a corporate environment. Based on the lack of any feedback, it really makes me wonder if Skype is an overhyped solution for corporate environments. I also posted the same questions to another professional mailing list I subscribe to and received only one (very good) response from that peer group.

So, to be redundant, I want to ask you blog readers the same questions. If there are no responses, then I will take this to mean that either your organizations do not use Skype or that you would rather not share poor experiences. I would appreciate feedback either positive or negative about using Skype in corporate environments.

As is true with most organizations today, we are under pressure to reduce costs where we can. Some users are coming and asking why we are not using Skype for international calling. I’m not sure if I fully understand the risks so I am posting this question here on ITKE.

Has anyone implemented Skype for their organization and is supporting it on company networks and equipment? If not, why not? If you have implemented Skype services, some additional information would be useful.

What precautions were required before implementing this service/application?
What has network usage been like since implementation?
What configuration changes at the firewall (both edge & client) were needed to support the application?

Please feel free to share any other advice you may have about this type of service/application.

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  • Suzanne Wheeler
    I've used Skype as an employee of an internet startup for a few weeks last year. I was delighted with the performance and the ability to text while not connected on voice. This made it very easy to navigate communication with the busy founder. Plus, I was able to type notes during the conversation by using a headset. I was on my home wireless network connected to cable internet and didn't take any further security precautions. The network performance issue would be critical in a large scale implementation. Even on my small network I would have a call go fuzzy for a moment once in a great while. I'm curious if others have tried it on a larger scale than home worker use?
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  • SAPjava74
    Thanks for the response. Yes, Skype seems to be a useful tool for a small business without many IT resources and limited network services. However, the considerations become very different for a large enterprise with over 2000 computer users (not all of whom would need something like Skype) at over a dozen sites worldwide with T1 or less internet connections that are already rather heavily utilized. Glad it performed well and met your requirements. I appreciate the feedback. The silence seems deafening from enterprise folks though.
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