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May, 2009

May 26, 2009  8:41 PM

Microsoft releases SharePoint Designer 2007 for FREE!

Troy Tate Profile: Troy Tate

May 26, 2009  7:34 PM

Repetition is one of the keys of learning

Troy Tate Profile: Troy Tate

I recently posted an update about Laura Chappell's Chappell University Online seminars. I attended one of these seminars today. What...

May 22, 2009  6:03 PM

Strong passwords? Try this test

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Passwords are the bane of security but currently and historically the primary authentication method for users. Check out this article by Roger Grimes and see how your password policy stacks up using the Excel spreadsheet tool he provides for download. You can use the to convince management how weak...

May 22, 2009  3:24 PM

The Center for Internet Security defines security metrics

Troy Tate Profile: Troy Tate

As an information security manager I am always struggling with how to measure the security posture of my organization. As they say, you can't manage what you can't measure. There's lots of talk out there about ROI (Return on Investment) or ROSI (Return on Security Investment). These may be business...

May 21, 2009  12:57 PM

Master key tasks for network troubleshooting – Chappell University Online Seminars

Troy Tate Profile: Troy Tate

I'm a huge fan of Laura Chappell. She has a great sense of humor and is a great educator about all things packet oriented. Previous posts about Laura have included: 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

May 19, 2009  5:48 PM

Did you see this? TCP/IP networking from the wire up

Troy Tate Profile: Troy Tate

Here is another source for educating yourself and some of your users on what networking is all about and why fixes are not always explained in simple terms. The example that the author gives of trying to explain to a casual air traveller how all of the devices on an aircraft work together for a...

May 11, 2009  2:28 PM

FREE Disaster Resource Guide

Troy Tate Profile: Troy Tate

If you are involved in IT you should also be involved in the disaster recovery planning and operations for your organization. There are quite a few resources to help with this activity. A very good free one just came across my desk that I wanted to share with you. It is called the...

May 7, 2009  7:33 PM

Is unified threat management defense in depth?

Troy Tate Profile: Troy Tate

An ITKE poster recently asked a great question.

Experts tout unified threat management appliances as an ideal antimalware, intrusion prevention and content filtering firewall for midmarket companies. But doesn't this counter the long-standing security practice of defense-in-depth? With...

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