IT Trenches:

April, 2008

April 29, 2008  5:11 PM

I can’t get no technical (support) satisfaction

Troy Tate Profile: Troy Tate

My apologies to the Rolling Stones for munging their classic song. How many times have you encountered a situation in your organization where something needs to be done yet either IT is not able or willing to...

April 23, 2008  5:13 PM

Dear John…. let’s talk about Cisco

Troy Tate Profile: Troy Tate

Don't you wish that every vendor's competitor had something similar to the Dear John (Chambers of Cisco fame) site found here. What would a Dear Bill (Gates) letter website look like? Well a video documentary was...

April 18, 2008  1:16 PM

Did you see this? – Georgia requires security metric reporting

Troy Tate Profile: Troy Tate

I saw this news release recently and wondered what standard metrics Georgia government agencies will be reporting and how they will be gathering the information. Are there any Georgia readers out there? How are you addressing this activity for your agency?

April 15, 2008  1:00 PM

VMWare Player:My ears are still ringing!

Troy Tate Profile: Troy Tate
Incident response

Wow! I didn't know my laptop could have such loud alerts. Yesterday, I shutdown a virtual machine in VMWare's VMPlayer application. As soon as I clicked the shutdown button in the guest OS, my laptop let out...

April 10, 2008  6:39 PM

Did you see this? – The Great SPAM diet

Troy Tate Profile: Troy Tate
Incident response

McAfee, Inc. Launches Global S.P.A.M. Experiment Fifty Volunteers around the World Say 'Yes' to a Diet of Spam for 30 Days - Started April 1, 2008 McAfee, Inc. announced the launch of its global S.P.A.M. (Spammed Persistently All Month) Experiment. For the month of April, 50 participants...

April 8, 2008  2:21 PM

VoIP, IPT, QOS, COS, on and on – Oh My!

Troy Tate Profile: Troy Tate
Incident response

Well, well, well, so you want to implement voice over IP or IP telephony. You have heard it is going to give you some great cost savings and make your life easier. Hmmmm... upon further thought, the idea of implementing this technology frightens you and I totally understand why. I have...

April 4, 2008  1:40 PM

Did you see this? – Sandbox behavior

Troy Tate Profile: Troy Tate
Incident response

Many of our organizations use "standard" anti-virus like the Symantec, McAfee, Panda, Trend-Micro products. Virus signatures are still valuable, don't get me wrong, but it seems like there are newer detection methods out there that are challenging this time-tested technology. Heuristics have gotten...

April 2, 2008  6:22 PM

Researching Network TAPs – an end to network blindness? (part 2)

Troy Tate Profile: Troy Tate

As expected there are several different manufacturers and models that can handle this task. The reseller I spoke with suggested three different devices from two different manufacturers. Network Instruments nTAP - This is the particular device that initially captured my interest in this type of...

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