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May 17, 2008  7:16 AM

[HowTo] Avoid Windowx XP SP3 reboot loops

alessandro.panzetta Alessandro Panzetta Profile: alessandro.panzetta
Network management software

If any of you has faced the problem of infinite reboots of AMD based PCs after installing the Windows XP Service Pack 3 by Microsoft, Jesper Johansson just released a Visual Basic Script that will check if the computer where you want to install the Service Pack is an AMD based one, if yes the IntelPPM driver (responsible for the issue) will be disabled and the computer should be ready to accept the SP3 without problems.

Here you can find additional information, and here you can find the VBScript file.

May 16, 2008  4:13 PM

[TLBAT] Microsoft SQL Express Edition automated backup

alessandro.panzetta Alessandro Panzetta Profile: alessandro.panzetta

An ERP application that the company where I work at the moment is selling, relies on Microsoft SQL databases but, obviously, most of the customers where this application is deployed yell as crazy when they do know the license cost for Microsoft SQL 2005.

So you are at a crossroad:

  1. Install a “friendly” copy that you own
  2. Install the Express/Advanced edition with limits

Seen that you’re a good guy you always install the Express/Advanced edition but you know that you are going to miss lots of functions and opportunities that you’d have with the Standard version…first of all the backup!!!

In order to have similar scriptable feature that you have in the Standard version you can use ExpressMaint that can be scheduled to run at night time so you can perform backups, reindex and so on.

Personally I prefer to have a full backup, compress it with WinRar and then, if no reliable backup device is present at the customer site, send it via ftp to our server.

Hereafter an sxample of a daily full backup of all user databases on a computer called PC01 that will be saved in the c:\backup folder:

c:\ExpressMaint.exe -S PC01 -D ALL_USER -B c:\backup -BU DAYS -BV 1 -T DB

May 16, 2008  4:12 PM

[TLBAT] The low budget Admin’s tools!

alessandro.panzetta Alessandro Panzetta Profile: alessandro.panzetta

You are used to work in good IT departments where all tools, programs and servers are exactly as you would them. You have CD/DVDs licenses, gold support for almost everything but it comes the day when you are in a low budget IT department or simply a poor project and cannot afford spending too much bucks for satisfying your needs.

This series of articles that will be identified with [TLBAT] aim at providing tools, suggestions and ideas on how to solve your admin issues with low money or simply for free.

May 15, 2008  12:14 PM


alessandro.panzetta Alessandro Panzetta Profile: alessandro.panzetta

This is not a post for those IT guys in the big companies where in the IT Department you have Db Admin, Network Admin, Security Admin, Helpdesk with 1st 2nd and 3rd level and so on; this is a blog for those IT guys who do all of these jobs AT THE SAME TIME!!!

I’ve been working in IT teams in worldwide firms and I have been assigned to several jobs that, case be case, were just one of the above mentioned…now, after a move to southern part of the country, I’m in the situation where my “customers” think that “If it has a plug, it’s IT stuff!”.

How many times you are a System Administrator and are providing support for a cluster for a terminal servers farm are requested to explain to an user how to change his/her password?
How many times you are a DB Admin and are requested to help the huberleetonebilliondollarspermonthplusbenefitsandstockoptions Sales Manager to sort data in an Excel row?
How many times you having your coffee after you spent your night restoring a dead AD server and someone jumps in “Hey, I bought this new mobile, how can I do…?

This blog is for you guys!

Despite of the humoristic nature of this blog, here you will also find some day-by-day tricks, script examples, code snippets and suggestions to accomplish to a variety of tasks you’ve been assigned to.

I hope that the day in which you’ll be assigned to the job function you prefer comes soon…meanwhile read here.

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