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Jul 20 2009   2:12PM GMT

Unable to power on a VM: Corrupt Redo log

Jason Tramer Jason Tramer Profile: Jason Tramer

Here is a sample of the error that you will see.

Error message: msg.hbacommon.corruptredo:The redolog of dmz-obs-000002.vmdk has been detected to be corrupt. The virtual machine needs to be powered on. If the problem still persists, you need to discard the redolog.

You will not be able to power off or reset the VM. You need to kill it manually.

Here is how you do that:

Instructions on how to foracbly terminate a VM if it is unresponsive to the VI client.

In this you will be terminating the Master World and User Worlds for the VM which in turn will terminate the VM’s processes.

1. First list the running VMs to determine the VM ID for the affected VM:
#cat /proc/vmware/vm/*/names

vmid=1076 pid=-1 cfgFile=”/vmfs/volumes/50823edc-d9110dd9-8994-9ee0ad055a68/vc using sql/vc using sql.vmx” uuid=”50 28 4e 99 3d 2b 8d a0-a4 c0 87 c9 8a 60 d2 31″ displayName=”vc using sql-″

vmid=1093 pid=-1 cfgFile=”/vmfs/volumes/50823edc-d9110dd9-8994-9ee0ad055a68/esx_template/esx_template.vmx” uuid=”50 11 7a fc bd ec 0f f4-cb 30 32 a5 c0 3a 01 09″ displayName=”esx_template”

The displayname will be the name of your VM as it appears in the GUI

For this example we will terminate the VM at vmid=’1605′

2. We need to find the Master World ID, do this type:
# less -S /proc/vmware/vm/1605/cpu/status

Replace the number in this command with your vmid from above.

Expand the terminal or scroll until you can see the right-most column. This is labelled ‘group’. Unterneath the column you will find: vm.1604

In this example ‘1604’ is the ID of the Master World.

3. Run this command to terminate the Master World and the VM running in it:

/usr/lib/vmware/bin/vmkload_app –kill 9 1604

4. This should kill all the VM’s User Worlds and also the VM’s processes.

If Successful you will see similar:

Warning: Jul 12 07:24:06.303: Sending signal ‘9’ to world 1604.

You should then be able to work with your VM again

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