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December 23, 2009  6:07 PM

Microsoft loses patent suit on XML

Jason Tramer Jason Tramer Profile: Jason Tramer

Check it out:

I have to say that this surprised me. Many have taken on the Redmond beast in the gladiatorial arena that is the US justice system but few have ever concurred the beast and come out unscathed.

December 23, 2009  3:28 AM

Blackberry services down across North America

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RIM has done it again. Another outage today, blackberry services are down across North America. BBM, internet are down. Last time BES was uneffected but this time our BES service isn’t working anymore. Four months ago I didn’t even have a blackberry and didn’t care but now that I have gotten used to having one these outages are murder!

December 18, 2009  10:19 PM

Syntax for the SVMotion command

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Whenever I need to do a Storage VMotion in ESX I never seem to remember the command. I always end up looking this up so I  just wanted to record the syntax for the SVMotion command in the Remote CLI so that next time I need it six months from now, I’ll have an easy reference.

Here it is: --datacenter=<DC Name> --url=https://<FQDN of VCMS>/sdk --username=<Username on VCMS> --password=<Password> --vm "[<Source datastore>] <Path to VMX file of VM>:<Destination datastore>"

Hope this helps

December 16, 2009  2:20 PM

BES now fully supported for Exchange 2010

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A colleague sent me this link:

Good stuff here, we have already been looking at migrating to Exchange 2010 so this is really good news for us.

December 16, 2009  2:17 PM

Adding a secondary address to an interface on a Cisco ASA

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Unlike in a Cisco router where you can used the secondary command to add a secondary address to an interface, the Cisco ASA does not support this. Here is a workaround however.

1. First find out the mac address of the ethernet interface you will be using:
sh interface Ethernet0/1
This should show you the MAC address of the network interface.

2. Force this arp address onto whichever Vlan you are using:
interface Vlan1
mac-address 0019.0726.xxxx
nameif inside

3. Now define a static arp entry for the IP you want to use as a secondary address. Use the same mac address as the one from above, and enable proxy ARP on it:
arp inside alias
You can verify this is working properly using the show arp command that should return you the ip and    mac address, like this:
sh arp
inside alias
4. At this point any system on the local interface can use the ip as its default gateway and it will work just fine. You need to ensure that return packets are coming back to the source, and this means you have to add a static route for this network on the inside interface (pointing to the primary ip of the interface, let’s say for the sake of argument):
route inside 1

5. Also we need to ensure that traffic is allowed between the same interface hosts, and same level of security interfaces:
same-security-traffic permit inter-interface
same-security-traffic permit intra-interface
and you probably want to be sure that access lists will allow the traffic from/to the newly added network.


December 13, 2009  12:11 AM

Cisco 881 Router crashes

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I was recently working with a Cisco 881 router that kept having memory leaks and crashing. At first it would only crash once a day or so but eventually it started crashing hourly.

I went through serveral different firmware versions and finally found one that fixed the issue. The last version I had been using was 12.4.24T1, but when I went to 12.4.24T2 all the issues went away.

December 3, 2009  3:41 PM

Configure Active-Standby High Availability on a ASA

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Ok so you can easily do this from within the ASDM using the HA wizard, however I recently tried this and had issues with the wizard not working for me. So here is how you do it from the cli:

failover lan unit primary
failover lan interface failover Ethernet X
failover key cisco
failover interface ip failover x.x.x.1 y.y.y.y standby x.x.x.2

failover lan unit secondary
failover lan interface failover Ethernet X
failover key cisco
failover interface ip failover x.x.x.1 y.y.y.y standby x.x.x.2
It should begin the failover replication process immediately upon completing both units.

Use “show failover” to see the status

Hope this helps

December 1, 2009  1:12 AM

Backup Exec FAQ

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If you are like me then Backup Exec is usually your preferred backup software to recommend. It also means that Backup Exec frustrates you to near homicide at times. A colleague recommended to me this site:

I must say I quite like it. It really covers quite a far bit about Backup Exec, especially for those not as familiar with it. Working in consulting a lot of times I implement solutions for clients which may already have a dedicated or semi-dedicated IT technician (sometimes just a glorified power user) and I in the future I would definitely send this off to them after implementing Backup Exec if they weren’t too familiar with it.

December 1, 2009  1:06 AM

Data Centre Cooling Innovation from Google

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This is really cool (excuse the pun).  With the advent of virutalization the traditional data centre has already significantly dropped in size. With energy costs rising its innovations like this that represent large savings to the companies we work for. If you are anything like me I tend to keep of spreadsheet record of money I make or saved my company around for performance review time :).

December 1, 2009  12:52 AM

Xen Desktop 4.0 licensing now boasts fully functional XenApp server

Jason Tramer Jason Tramer Profile: Jason Tramer

In Xen Desktop 3.0 Enterprise edition you got to use Xen App server. However the Xen App functionality was stripped down so that it would only function within Xen Desktop machines. Citrix has now changed their policy to allow Xen App for Xendesktops to be fully functional meaning you can use it for the rest of your environment as well. This coupled with Citrix’s decision allowing you to trade up your existing XenApp licenses into Xen Desktop licenses means that now is a good time to be taking a serious look at Xen Desktop if you have an existing Xen App infrastructure.

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