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May 14, 2009  5:02 PM

Java 6 update 13 not supported by Cisco Configuration Professional

Jason Tramer Jason Tramer Profile: Jason Tramer

I was using the CCP to setup a Cisco 881 router and it told me to go install the newest version of Java. So thats what i did, Java 6 update 13, and guess what, it didn’t work.

In fact I had to go all the way down to java 5 update 17 to get the CCP to actually let me configure the router. Now here is the issue, if your product only has support up to java 5, then don’t tell me to install the newest version of Java, tell me to go install Java 5!

May 8, 2009  6:18 PM

Altaddr command missing from Citrix Web install

Jason Tramer Jason Tramer Profile: Jason Tramer

The Altaddr command is a command used to specify the external Nat’d address of your server so that Citrix Web can accept requests coming to that address. The Altaddr command gets installed on your computer when you install citrix, makes sense right?

However when you are installing Citrix web portion on a server that isn’t a citrix server you don’t have to download the full packaged and do the full install. Citrix has a smaller installation that is only for the web portion. However for some good only knows why reason, this smaller web only install doesn’t actually install the altaddr command? Does this make sense to anyone?

April 30, 2009  9:32 PM

Firing policy – Come on HR, work with us here

Jason Tramer Jason Tramer Profile: Jason Tramer

So it’s time to fire someone. A sad task that falls on HR because everyone else is busy doing real work.  Here are the two major ways that HR tends to fumble on this all too easy task.

1) You fire the poor schmoe and don’t tell us. Sorry HR, we need to know. There is lots of stuff we need to do to make sure that when you get rid of this guy like disable his account so that Mr. Disgruntled can’t screw up the company.

2) You let us know in advance but then don’t send the guy away. So here we are disabling this guys account and he is still working away at his machine. The problem isn’t going away on its own HR, you still need to inform him and get security to escort him out so we can confiscate his machine. Even with a disabled account there is still a fair bit of damage he can do if he is already logged in.

Please HR, try to work with us on this we can make this an efficient easy proccess and then we can go back to working and you can go back to whatever it is you do.

April 30, 2009  8:55 PM

File level restore from a VM: Veeam vs vRanger

Jason Tramer Jason Tramer Profile: Jason Tramer

So you want to do a file level restore from a VM? Well great, its a nice feature and I think you should. Now what software are you going to use to do it with?

Both vRanger and Veeam have the ability, here is the difference. with vRanger it has to completely uncompress the entire VM before it can do this, depending on the size of your VM you can guess that this isn’t a quick process. Veeam doesn’t require you to do this and its pretty instantaneous.

So here is your choice for your restore: a few minutes with Veeam or a few hours with vRanger. Not a hard choice for me.

April 30, 2009  8:45 PM

Watchguard MUVPN not working due to Mcafee firewall

Jason Tramer Jason Tramer Profile: Jason Tramer

I hate personal firewall products but none so much as I hate mcafee. I was testing a MUVPN and the tunnell just wouldn’t established. I turned that thing into swiss cheese, it shouldn’t have been blocking anything but the VPN tunnel STILL wouldn’t come up until I actually turned off the service. Gah it’s frustrating.

April 30, 2009  8:41 PM

Windows 7 RC released today

Jason Tramer Jason Tramer Profile: Jason Tramer

Hey all

Windows 7 RC is being released for download today by  Microsoft.

I have taken a look at it, and I have to say, it seems pretty good way better then Vista.

I encourage you all to check it out.

April 29, 2009  3:08 AM

VMware develops rival protocol to ICA to compete in the VDI market space

Jason Tramer Jason Tramer Profile: Jason Tramer

One of the exciting (and long overdue) announcements from VMware is there development of a new PCoIP protocol for use in the VMware View product. This protocol will be replacing their use of RDP. One of Citrix’s big claims to fame in this market space with it’s Xendesktop product is it’s use of the ICA protocol which is far and away the superior protocol over RDP.

Good on Vmware for taking the fight to Citrix. I think this fight will go a few arounds so sit back, relax, and enjoy the match.

April 29, 2009  2:53 AM

Upgrading Citrix from Presentation 4 to Xenapp 5

Jason Tramer Jason Tramer Profile: Jason Tramer

I recently had a discussion with some guys from Citrix and asked about the optimal way of upgrading Presentation server 4 to Xenapp 5.

Here is there recommendation

1) Upgrade the licensing and upload the new license file onto the license server

2) Run the upgrade on the server acting as the Resource Manager

3) Upgrade the remaining servers in whatever order you choose

April 27, 2009  2:27 AM

Microsoft releases Windows 7 RC go live dates

Jason Tramer Jason Tramer Profile: Jason Tramer

Check it out here:

I’m really excited about Windows 7, from everything I have seen it may be Microsoft’s best client OS yet (ok I realize that’s not a high bar to set ….)

April 16, 2009  2:08 PM

Windows 7 Seminar in Winnipeg

Jason Tramer Jason Tramer Profile: Jason Tramer

I attended a Windows 7 seminar yesterday put on by Microsoft. Windows 7 looks good but that’s likely because they are copying the best features from other more creative entities.

Read more about my experience here:

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