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May 29, 2009  8:56 PM

Microsoft to add new features to Windows 7 to make it more secure

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Check out this article

I commend Microsofts decision to put out a client based OS which isn’t overflowing with security holes and exploits … and it only took them 30 years.

I don’t know why I continue to hope that Microsoft will one day release a product that you might want to use on there advertised release day rather than having to wait till the real release date (SP1). Like a battered spouse I keep going back. Sigh.

May 28, 2009  5:45 PM

Security hole – BES PDF vulnerability

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If your a BES admin, here is something you should be aware of.

May 27, 2009  4:13 PM

Cisco ASA – Remote access VPN user’s can’t connect to internal resources on the same network

Jason Tramer Jason Tramer Profile: Jason Tramer

So I was working with a Cisco ASA 5510. The inside network was I had created a  remote access vpn policy for users and set them up to receive address’s on their inside network (

While the users we able to connect fine to the vpn they were not able to ping or access any resources on the internal network. The reason I found for this is that even though they are receiving address’s on the same network as the internal LAN, the ASA still considers them part of a separate network and will try to NAT the traffic using your dynamic NAT rule.

The way to resolve this is to create a NAT exemption rule from your inside network to your inside network. Sounds funny, but it works.

Hope this helps

May 27, 2009  4:07 PM

TS Roaming profiles in a mixed server 2003 and 2008 enviroment

Jason Tramer Jason Tramer Profile: Jason Tramer

Here is an interesting tidbit and a rare kudo to MS. When you setup a TS roaming profile for users who connect to server 2003 TS boxes and then start introducting 2008 TS serversas well you will not need to make any changes to your TS profiles. By default when they connect to the 2008 box, it will create a TS profile in the same directory as your TS profiles regularly are and append the 2008 profile with a V2. For example if your TS profile path is \\server1\users\userA, it will create a new folder \\server1\users\UserA v2. From then on in it will auto sense the TS server they are logging into and user userA for the 2003 TS box and userA v2 for the 2008 TS box.

Pretty cool stuff.

May 25, 2009  9:47 PM

USB 3.0

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Check out this article:

Man, its stuff like this that makes me drool. Those are some pretty awesome transfer rates.

May 25, 2009  9:44 PM

CCNA just whooped my butt

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I wrote my CCNA exam 640-802 today. Passing score is 825, and I scored a 801.  Very close but close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and slow dancing. This was a really hard exam. I will write it again and I will pass it, but I encourage all takers to take tis exam very seriously

May 25, 2009  9:42 PM

Cisco SDM java support

Jason Tramer Jason Tramer Profile: Jason Tramer

I posted earlier about which version of Java to run the Cisco SDM. I have some new info about this. While the SDM WILL run with any version of Java 5, it only actually supports Java 5 update 9. Any later updates could cause issues.

May 19, 2009  4:56 PM

Citrix Xenapp 5 – Stream to server

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I really like Citrix Xenapp 5’s ability to publish app’s by streaming them to the server. For those not familiar with this you package the application (office, etc) using the citrix app packager. Place these packages on a file server somewhere and then when you publish the app just specify stream to server and refernce the network path of the package.

First this makes life easier in deploying new citrix servers. Second it means you can deploy software that normall wouldn’t work together (office 2003 and 2007 for example) from the same box. It really keeps your citrix servers neat and clean.

May 19, 2009  4:50 PM

Writing my CCNA in a week

Jason Tramer Jason Tramer Profile: Jason Tramer

I am going to writing my CCNA in a week and I have to say this seems like a really difficult exam, especially since this is Cisco’s “entry” level exam! With a high passing score(825) and really difficult questions including full simulations this seems like an exam where you really, really have to know your material.

Do you know what I ahve to say about that?? Good on, Cisco. It’s nice to see a certification out there which actually still has some merit.

May 19, 2009  4:46 PM

Wireless not working after HyperV install

Jason Tramer Jason Tramer Profile: Jason Tramer

I am running server 2008 on my laptop and decided to install HyperV so that I could have an XP VM.

As soon as I installed HyperV my wireless connection stopped working. Though the wireless connection is there in manage network connections it is missing when doing an IPconfig and won’t locate any networks.

I have since uninstalled hyperV, reinstalled both the wireless card driver and the wlan service and nothing has resolved this. I will likely have to reinstall my OS.

If you have 2008 on a laptop and decide to install hyperv fair thee warned.

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