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June 26, 2009  9:30 PM

Maybe I am a bad person but …..

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I really can’t feel sorry for some users. We do everything we can to make it easy for you to let us back up your data. We create you network drives, we redirect your my documents to network shares, we put together documents and powerpoints with instructions and policies for how to save your information in a way that we can backup for you and still you get some people who insist on carefully placing there information in a way that it is left completely unprotected.

How I wish I could say :” I am sorry that when your hard drive died you lost your presentation or all your kid’s baby pictures or whatever  but maybe you should have had them on the network, or on a USB stick, or a CD, or your computer at home or any of the other hundred places or ways where it would be protected. Why should I have to waste my day trying desperately to find some miracously way of bringing your drive back from the dead because your an idiot”. Yup, I wish I could say that but I can’t. Into the freezer with you Mr. Failed Drive with only copy of stupid end users wedding vows. Sigh.

June 26, 2009  9:18 PM

Lithium Air Battery, 10 Times the Energy Density

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Very cool stuff, check it out

I think if there is one complaint that every laptop owner is my battery doesn’t last long enough. This is great step in the right direction. Now you can burn your crotch ten times longer!

June 25, 2009  3:11 PM

Microsoft announces free upgrades and discounts for Windows 7

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Check it out here:

My 2 cents on this. Microsoft should give a free copy to every poor soul who purchased Windows Vista along with a hand written apology.

June 24, 2009  7:36 PM

Shutdown a frozen VM

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I was assisting a peer of mine with this issue. He had a VM where the guest OS froze. He attempted to shut off the VM but that also froze at 95%. He was then unable to do anything with the VM. We did some searching and found a way to force the VM offline from the command line which allowed us to then power the VM back on and everythign was fine.

Here is the link:

June 24, 2009  7:28 PM

RIM to release new Blackberry Tour

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This seems interesting. Though in reviewing the feature set i have to say I still think the Curve 8900 is the better way to go.

June 23, 2009  7:39 PM

Unable to downgrade vSphere essentials licenses

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The Vmware license portal allows you to downgrade your vSphere license to an equivalent ESX 3 license. However be aware that vSphere essentials licenses CAN NOT be downgraded. Which means if you purchase these licenses you have to use them on vSphere.

June 22, 2009  3:59 PM

Victory is mine!

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Re-wrote my CCNA today and scored a 930! Woot!

June 16, 2009  10:42 PM

Changing userid and password for DSN in Citrix XenApp

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If you need to change the userid and password that control the DSN access for Xenapp here is what you  need to do.

From command prompt on the citrix server (you will need to do this from each one)

dsmaint config /userid:*username* /pwd:*password* /dsn:”C:\program files\citrix\idependent management architecture\mf20.dsn”

Restart the citrix IMA service

June 16, 2009  10:40 PM

Citrix client Auto deploy not working

Jason Tramer Jason Tramer Profile: Jason Tramer

I had trouble with this today. Make sure that when you copy the contents of the client folder from the installation media into the Citrix\Webinterface\*version number\clients folder, you keep the exact file structure the same. Also just sopy the contents of the client folder, not the whole folder itself

June 16, 2009  10:37 PM

Xenapp 5- Control Streaming vs Published access based on remote acess

Jason Tramer Jason Tramer Profile: Jason Tramer

One nice thing about Xenapp is the ability to have both streamed and presented apps. One not so nice thing is you can’t let Citrix control that based on bandwith of the client. Here is a little something you can do to make that happen.

Publish your app as Streamed if possible and presented if not

Setup your remote users (or users with crap bandwith) with a range of IP adresses

Create a policy, set the policy to force presented app usage (Service Level)

Filter this policy to apply to the above range of IP’s


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