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September 9, 2013  4:04 PM

Big Data = Big Transfer Speeds?

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
Big Data, hollywood, Unstructured data, WAN acceleration

So - there's been all this talk about Big Data and how it's replaced classic transactional processing in many application instances.

This much is true - what hasn't been discussed much, however, is how this impacts on performance; big data - say digital video - has hugely...

September 12, 2011  12:37 PM

What Recession Exactly?

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
Bitspeed, Certero, Cisco, Citrix, cloud, eTask, HP, IPv6, jetNEXUS, Juniper, LTE, NNT, Riverbed, SEP, Thingamy, VoIP, Voipex, VPNs, WAN acceleration, Zeus

I know that we IT lot live on a different planet to the rest of the world (or so we are often told), but I'm really trying to find the real recession out there at the mo'.

Take airlines for example. I've been doing far too much travelling for my own good over the past few months,...

December 9, 2010  2:17 PM

How To Beat The Snow: Brussels To Andorra In 30 Milliseconds

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
App-DNA, Converged infrastructure, HP, Internet, Latency, Video conferencing, Vidyo, VoIP, Voipex, Waitrose, WAN acceleration, Wine

London to Brussels to Andorra in under 30ms - not bad eh?

Even the Bugatti Veyron can't achieve that (though with permanent four-wheel drive you'd think it would be ideal for British winter conditions, yet you barely ever see one, strange!) but... Vidyo can.

I first saw these...

December 23, 2009  8:11 PM

Snow Kidding – I come back to ski season and FTTH… Plus Wine!

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
Broadband, ftth, SaaS, Thingamy, WAN acceleration

Back from yet more travels.

Escaped the UK just as the snow started to fall. Got back to Andorra to a sparking sunny day... it didn't last - heavy snow fell during the night and hasn't stopped much since.

However, the bonus was that my apartment/office sitters saw through...

June 10, 2009  7:07 PM

Cisco Expands On Original Beatles Theory (plus wine tip)

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
Cisco, Crabs, multi-tasking, WAN acceleration, Wine

Just back from a long weekend in Dartmouth (with many thanks to the Harbour Master's office for their unsecured WLAN Internet access) and plunged back into the mad, virtual world of IT from one where landing crabs was the essential ingredient of life (as well as eating them of  course,...

December 8, 2008  8:45 PM

Enterprise Application Acceleration

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
IM, SAP, WAN acceleration, Wine

I noted on my mate Den Howlett's blog - - that he'd been interviewing the Chairman of the SAP UK/Ireland User Group, Alan Bowling.

Given that I've been doing a lot of testing in recent times on WAN...

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