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February 23, 2011  11:59 AM

Am I Really Speaking To Someone In Wakefield?

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
Avaya, BT, Internet, Smart phones, VoIP

It's a difficult one, isn't it...

...choosing between speaking to a (hopefully) fully-functioning human person who might be located anywhere in the world and whose accent might be a tad challenging, or 'interacting' with a disconnected website or voice, whose design or accent accordingly...

October 28, 2009  1:20 PM

That Bloke Mal Ware Is A Real Threat

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
AV,, Broadband-Testing, malware, Smart phones, Trend Micro

Was chatting with Rik Ferguson of Trend Micro about the, er, no pun intended, trends of malware and other threats earlier this week.

Rik highlighted the seemingly exponential growth in aforementioned threats using Trend Micro's own figures for their own Smart Protection Network - the...

July 10, 2009  5:02 PM

Has The Networking Industry Gone On Its Hols? Let’s Do Phones Then…

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
appliances, Mobile data, Smart phones, VoIP

Just when I thought the days of everyone trekking off to Spain or France (I know - I'm the local there) in July had vanished, so the networking industry goes eerily quiet.

Lucky then, that I've just completed my pilot testing on smart phone performance (see elsewhere in CW news...

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