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January 7, 2011  3:31 PM

How IT Can Reduce Your Local Taxes – In Theory At Least

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
AssetStudio, Broadband-Testing, Certero, Green Networking, Networking, power consumption, PowerStudio, SAM

Was chatting with a client yesterday about IT spending and I was making the point that it is happening but IT departments are keen to make every penny spent (metaphorically and otherwise) as efficient as possible.

So, whereas a big, shiny router might have been top of the wish list 10...

July 14, 2010  3:01 PM

Power Down Or Else…

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
Certero, D-Link, Ethernet switching, Green Networking, PCs, power consumption, PowerStudio, Tesco

 Over the past couple of years, at Broadband-Testing we've carried out a number of power consumption tests, primarily focusing on switches of the Ethernet variety.

While we found that there are considerable differences in the amount of power drawn by different switch products - for...

March 11, 2009  6:39 PM

Lies, Damn Lies and Green-Washing

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
Cisco, Ethernet switching, Nortel, power consumption, ProCurve

Interesting to see a little Cisco video up on its website:

CISCO video

It talks about "green" networking being basically a load of b******s - "just paint a switch green and you have green...

November 19, 2008  7:25 PM

Power Consumption Testing – Some Figures

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
Broadband-Testing, D-Link, Ixia, power consumption

Care of my mates at Ixia's test labs in Marlow recently, I took a few D-Link switches, including one from its Green Ethernet range, and ran them through Ixia's IxGreen power consumption measurement suite.

Key here was D-Link's "Green Ethernet" range submission - the snappily-named...

November 19, 2008  11:34 AM

Power Consumption – The New Performance Metric?

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
Ixia, MSC, Networks, power consumption

Bob Dylan never sang "The Metrics They Are A Changing" but he might well have done, had he launched himself during the era where IT and 'Green' - an unlikely alliance if ever there was one - finally embraced each other.

I'm getting calls from all...

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