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July 14, 2010  3:01 PM

Power Down Or Else…

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
Certero, D-Link, Ethernet switching, Green Networking, PCs, power consumption, PowerStudio, Tesco

 Over the past couple of years, at Broadband-Testing we've carried out a number of power consumption tests, primarily focusing on switches of the Ethernet variety.

While we found that there are considerable differences in the amount of power drawn by different switch products - for...

January 15, 2010  4:25 PM

Is No News Really Good News?

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
D-Link, jetNEXUS, Mtracking, Talari, Voipex

It's the middle of January now and, since snow and tragic earthquakes do not qualify as mainstream networking news, I've been patiently waiting for some news to appear in the networking world so that I can blog about it and, well, none has.

The closest we've come was with the GreenTouch...

August 21, 2009  8:45 AM

Still Summer – Still Cloudy…

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
Cloud Computing, D-Link, jetNEXUS, ProCurve, Solarflare, Trend Micro, Wifi, WLAN, Zeus

It's a very interesting scenario when you work for yourself and summer arrives.

People go on holiday. Which is very annoying when:

a) You're trying to finalise dates for the next series of test projects and
b) You're looking for news in the networking world to blog...

July 20, 2009  11:29 AM

And Now Save Money On Your Office Calls…

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
ADSL, BT, D-Link, Netgear, ROI, VoIP, Voipex

From the man who roams the length and breadth of Europe - well certain parts of Andorra, France and the UK - searching for networking products with instant ROI...

The latest is from a UK start-up called Voipex - - which has developed a VoIP appliance range with some...

April 8, 2009  11:34 AM

Who Really Owns The 802.11 In Your WiFi?

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
802.11n, D-Link, Dell, HP, Infra-Red, Microsoft, ProCurve, RF, Supergold, WLAN

Interesting news from our friend HP (especially since I'm testing ProCurve newly acquired from Colubris WLAN controller) in that it has settled confidentially with Australia's science agency CSIRO which has a longstanding patent claim against many of the well-known WLAN product vendors.

November 19, 2008  7:25 PM

Power Consumption Testing – Some Figures

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
Broadband-Testing, D-Link, Ixia, power consumption

Care of my mates at Ixia's test labs in Marlow recently, I took a few D-Link switches, including one from its Green Ethernet range, and ran them through Ixia's IxGreen power consumption measurement suite.

Key here was D-Link's "Green Ethernet" range submission - the snappily-named...

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