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December, 2010

December 21, 2010  4:36 PM

Wrong Kind Of Snow Or Wrong Kind Of Web Browser?

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
AppDNA, Application migration, Browsers, Compatibility, IE8, Operating systems

Prior to leaving Andorra on yet more travels (timing!) 10 days ago, had a very interesting ex-pats discussion in El Moli in Andorra over the difference between the snow in Andorra and the UK. We reckon it's all down to the snow quality - in the UK it goes slushy, then slush turns to ice, turns to...

December 9, 2010  2:17 PM

How To Beat The Snow: Brussels To Andorra In 30 Milliseconds

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
App-DNA, Converged infrastructure, HP, Internet, Latency, Video conferencing, Vidyo, VoIP, Voipex, Waitrose, WAN acceleration, Wine

London to Brussels to Andorra in under 30ms - not bad eh?

Even the Bugatti Veyron can't achieve that (though with permanent four-wheel drive you'd think it would be ideal for British winter conditions, yet you barely ever see one, strange!) but... Vidyo can.

I first saw these...

December 7, 2010  12:55 PM

When Technology Goes T**s Up!

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
Andorra, Chicken

Quickie from Andorra - keeping you abreast of the chicken acquisitions in this part of el mondo.

So what's this got to do with IT? Simply, that, whereas there was once a manual over-ride option, nowadays there seems to be none. Here we are talking retail - supermarket, buying a chicken....

December 1, 2010  2:25 PM

Mergers Emerging and Demerging And Christmas Wine Tips Emerging For Networking Types

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
Acquisitions, App-DNA, Camwood, Chrome, Compatibility, Firefox, IE8, ISVs, Mergers, Microsoft, Migration

2010 (that's pronounced "two-thousand and ten" by the way - saying "twenty-ten" is as bad as the French saying "four twenties, ten" for 90) might have been a good year for acquisitions and mergers to date, but now we have an instance where a "demerger" is also a good thing.

The company...

December 1, 2010  1:14 PM

SaaS Is Snow-Go? Surely A Solution For Snowbound Scenarios…

Steve Broadhead Steve Broadhead Profile: Steve Broadhead
Broadband-Testing, BroadSoft, Converged infrastructure, HP, NTL, Oracle, SaaS, SAP, Thingamy, Virgin

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