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January, 2011

January 31, 2011  1:52 PM

Greatest Hits Blogs: On Soft Skills, in 4 Parts

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

Back in late August to early September, 2008, I wrote  series of four blogs on the general subject of soft skills, which I define in the first of those four linked postings as follows:

Soft Skills refer to abilities that make people better employees, and open doors to opportunities,...

January 28, 2011  3:02 PM

Keep working those “soft skills,” especially writing

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

Yesterday I wrote an article for the website. When it appears there — and if it keeps the same title it had when I submitted same — it will be entitled "Soft Skills in Writing Can Boost Any Software Developer's Career Profile." Because SmartBear builds developer tools such as...

January 26, 2011  6:24 PM

Pondering Certification Building Blocks

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

In a lengthy, fascinating, but still embargoed discussion with learning staff from a major vendor's certification program yesterday, I found myself considering how good certification program design often follows a modular, building-block approach. Because Microsoft is NOT the...

January 24, 2011  2:46 PM

If Economists Think Conditions Are Improving, Does That Make It So?

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

Listening to NPR this morning I heard a story that quoted a survey from the National Association for Business Economics (NABE) that "

January 21, 2011  2:31 PM

Mass MS Exam Retirement Hits 6/30/11: Will There Be a Party?

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

In reading over Anne Martinez' most recent GoCertify Newsletter (1/18/2011), I noticed a small item about upcoming Microsoft exam retirements scheduled for the end of June this year. So I jumped on over to the MS

January 19, 2011  3:02 PM

Second MCCC Kicks Off With a Killer Discount

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

I found an invite to the next Microsoft Certified Career Conference (MCCC) scheduled for 2/17/2011 in my inbox this morning. Not only did it include more info about what's on the docket for the second go-round for this online conference, it also included the information that a discounted...

January 17, 2011  4:09 PM

More on the MS IT Academy (ITA) Program

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

Last Friday, I followed up on my December 16 blog entitled  0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

January 14, 2011  2:54 PM

A Plan for 2011 and Beyond…

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

It's that time of year again, when the initial glow of New Year's resolutions is starting to fade, and the long, slow slog from January through all those months into the next big holiday season from November through early January begins. What better time to take stock of your current professional...

January 12, 2011  3:39 PM

New Doings at CompTIA, New Re-cert Regime in Place

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

In researching an article I'm writing for right now, I've been spending some time on the CompTIA Website lately. As of the first of this year, everybody should know that CompTIA certs are no longer "for life," but rather, must be renewed every three years, either by...

January 10, 2011  1:49 PM

December 2010 Employment Situation: No Joy in Being Right

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

In my final post for 2010 "Say Goodbye to 2010, Hello to 2011" I observed that not much had changed in the employment situation for the whole year, despite a few modest ups and downs...

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