Observations on the IT Job Market:

July, 2009

July 23, 2009  3:50 AM

The Tsunami of Data Keeps Rolling In

MarkHolt Mark Holt Profile: MarkHolt

The IT world is losing its soul. Or at least its buried in a avalanche of files and folders. The game just a few years ago was Paradigm-Shifting and World-Changing. But that was then. These days new IT solutions have all the pizzazz of my dad's '66 AMC Classic sedan. Apparently things are...

July 3, 2009  7:21 PM

Ten things to NEVER put in your resume if you want to work in IT

MarkHolt Mark Holt Profile: MarkHolt

Avoid the derisive laughter!
Remove these 10 unsightly blemishes from your file and get back on the job!

No, I didn't make all of them up. . . just ask the HR folks.

1. URL to your "Timesheets: Copy-and-Paste tips" blog

2. ...

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