IT in the Ad Biz:

June, 2008


June 23, 2008  12:21 AM

Let the Users Decide?

JohnWilder John Wilder Profile: JohnWilder

One of the more interesting ideas I've heard floated in a while is that of letting our users decide what platforms they use. The idea surfaced again here in an article about how Gen Y will change some of our institutions, including IT....

June 15, 2008  3:25 PM

Supporting Creative (Part 2)

JohnWilder John Wilder Profile: JohnWilder

When I first launched this blog, I pitched IT in the Advertising business as being unique. I also stated that much of that "uniqueness" was due to supporting Creative. Now that I've been writing this blog for several months, I'm beginning to wonder if the people we support are truly unique or not....

June 6, 2008  8:49 PM

Apple’s Acceptance by Corporate IT

JohnWilder John Wilder Profile: JohnWilder

As I mentioned in my previous post regarding the iPhone, the level of general buzz surrounding Apple really seems to be at an all-time high. At the same time, Microsoft seems to be hitting all-time lows with the news stories we're currently seeing about Vista and Windows 7. As a result, I think...

June 3, 2008  2:08 AM

iPhone Mania

JohnWilder John Wilder Profile: JohnWilder

Holy cow! Is anyone else's e-mail inbox filling up with news items about the imminent changes to the iPhone? Before Noon today, I received 4 different news articles and newsletters featuring headlines and stories about the upcoming announcements which are still a week away. I can hardly wait for...


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