October 27, 2008  12:28 PM

Swedish clergymen join the ranks of the infected

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online, Security

The church has always been unusually preoccupied with sex. Normally this obsession is focused on condemning the rest of us for doing it, but a Swedish...

October 27, 2008  12:16 PM

Dutch authorities clamp down on virtual criminality

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crime, online

It seems the Dutch are taking virtual crime very seriously these days. Two youngsters have been sentenced to community service for stealing virtual goods from another youth on a computer game.

Presumably Dutch...

October 10, 2008  4:38 PM

Steve Jobs’ online profile suffers a fresh attack

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online, Private lives

Just three weeks ago Downtime was forced to report that Vernon Kaye was not dead, and it seems the internet's capacity to bereave and bewilder has not abated.

Poor old Steve...

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October 10, 2008  4:31 PM

Google offers Mail Goggles to users with beer goggles

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Following its entry into the enterprise market Google is now offering parental services. Google has introduced a system that tests whether e‑mail users are drunk before they send e-mails.

The Mail Goggles system asks users simple mathematical questions to provide e¬‑mailing's...

September 26, 2008  10:24 AM

Prank calling gets a not-at-all-needed IT makeover

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Downtime has learnt, through an unwisely directed PR e-mail, of a website aimed at reducing the time needed to make a prank call by automating the process.

September 5, 2008  10:21 AM

Teachers express concerns over the Facebook generation

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online, research, Social networking

Apparently, teachers do not think it is such a good idea to have Facebook and MySpace in the classroom.

In a study

September 5, 2008  10:16 AM

Estate agents get thinking as police release crime maps

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National news, online

As if estate agents were not already well and truly up that proverbial creek without a paddle, the London Metropolitan Police has made their lives even tougher.

August 29, 2008  3:05 PM

The future of future-gazing

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Those who claim to see the future are often accorded high status in their communities, at least judging by the amount of money we are ready to throw at them. Whether the preferred methodology is extrapolation from the past, reading palms,...

August 29, 2008  2:09 PM

Statistics show men hog the mouse as well as the remote

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online, research

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August 29, 2008  2:07 PM

It’s my password and I’ll swear if I want to

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