March 9, 2009  9:34 AM

What the twits have been tweeting about this week

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online, Social networking

With the UK government looking to get into Twitter, Joe Public can now check up on the latest tweets in Whitehall.

The service has a search feature that allows users to historically search within all MP, PPC, party, government and parliament posts made on Twitter....

February 23, 2009  3:41 PM

Wardens kill murderer’s Facebook connection

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crime, online

Facebook has the power to connect users with anyone, anywhere - even a murderer in a Guernsey jail. Craig Rouget, who was convicted of murder in the island's capital of 

February 20, 2009  3:37 PM

Romance defies recession as Interflora sales bloom

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Well it seems the recession did not affect Valentine's Day business for florists. According to ScanSafe, web traffic to popular online flower store Interflora this Valentine's Day was 300% higher than last year. Downtime thinks people would be better off...

February 10, 2009  10:58 AM

Google finds something it wasn’t searching for

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Google's "Don't be evil" motto may be weighing a little heavy right now.

Privacy campaigners are less than impressed with its technology that allows users to track friends and family on their mobiles using Google Earth. Users do need to offer their consent, but critics ask how...

January 27, 2009  3:41 PM

Former Google employees reveal the horrible truth

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Labouring in the murky, underpaid world of IT journalism, Downtime has always been led to believe that Google was, by comparison, a land of chocolate and fairies, where staff spent entire days in bed eating peeled grapes pondering the meaning of life...

Not so. Leaked e-mails from...

January 27, 2009  3:38 PM

Australian couple latest victims of Facebook

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online, Social networking

Downtime has been pondering a Facebook ban for these back pages. We are sick of hearing people talk about Facebook, and we are sick of hearing "news" stories about Facebook from journalists who should have something more interesting to write about.

Unfortunately, Facebook is now the...

December 3, 2008  3:48 PM

Internet leak reveals government’s VAT flip-flop

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government, online

The government has taken the bold decision to cut VAT, judging that a 2% reduction in the price of goods will prompt Britain's unemployed homeless populace of the financial Armageddon into a shopping

December 1, 2008  3:47 PM

Jury is out on character of Facebook generation

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crime, online

A woman was thrown off a jury for holding a poll on Facebook to help her reach a decision on a case she was sitting on.

CIOs who are frequently being told that they must understand Generation Y can learn a valuable...

November 18, 2008  11:17 AM

Children stealing parents’ identities, study finds

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crime, online, research

One in five children under 16 steals money from their parents by buying goods online...

November 18, 2008  11:15 AM

Google helps hypochondriacs get the attention they need

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health, online, research

Google staff have devised a way to help predict and manage outbreaks of influenza by collating common flu-related search terms such as "headache" and "runny nose".

The company has compared past search terms to...

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