Mobile phones

February 8, 2011  3:41 PM

It’s for you, Dad

ComputerWeeklyStaff Profile: ComputerWeeklyStaff
BT, JP, Landline, Mobile phones, Rangaswami

BT's former chief scientist JP Rangaswami has three teenage children, he told delegates at the annual Intellect Regent conference last week. So one night he gets home, opens the front door and hears the home phone ringing. It continues to ring.

"Why doesn't someone answer that phone," he...

February 18, 2010  9:59 AM

It’s official people care more for reality TV than realpolitik

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Chartists, Mobile phones, Suffragettes, tories

A survey has revealed a disturbing reality. More young people vote on reality TV shows than in general elections.

Yes a survey from a mobile phone comparison website has found that 66% of youths interviewed vote on reality TV shows while on 64% would vote at the election.


November 30, 2009  2:19 PM

Mobile love gets husband into hot water

WAshford Profile: WAshford
Mobile phones

Mobile phones make life a lot easier, but failure to end calls properly could turn out rather badly as a businessman in China found out.

Gao Meng called his wife, but did end the call properly before meeting up with a lady of the night. His wife recorded every moan and groan.


July 3, 2009  8:51 AM

Petty thief nabbed by caller-ID technology

WAshford Profile: WAshford
Mobile phones

Cybercrime is flourishing because some criminals are among the most tech-savvy people on the planet, but it seems some petty thieves still have a lot to learn.

December 12, 2007  9:59 AM

Russians see miracle of childbirth in a new light

rfroley Profile: rfroley
childbirth, Mobile phones

The future is orange, but not particularly bright, as a Russian mother at the point of delivering her baby girl discovered. When a hospital in Shelehov in northern Russia was pitched into blackness by a power cut, nurses gathered mobile phones to use the light from the screens to assist the...

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