January 22, 2015  10:06 AM

Data thieves face the music

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald

We found out this week that the younger generation are pretty lazy when it comes to protecting their payment data, with 20% of 16 to 24-year-olds having shared their PIN with a third party.

With lazy...

May 22, 2012  11:58 AM

Technology attachment gone too far

WAshford Profile: WAshford
Apple, iPod

Apple fan boys are typically very attached to their technology, but some take that a little too far as in the case of David Hurban in the US.

Anxious that he should never be far from his iPod nano, he went to extraordinary lengths to ensure that he kept his Apple music player close.


November 23, 2011  2:28 PM

Does this not make the UK’s Chief Rabbi a hypocrite?

mscott2 Profile: mscott2
Apple, Consumerism, ipad, iPhone, iPod, iTune, steve jobs

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Britian's Chief Rabbi, may have backtracked a little too far on comments he made a few days...

February 18, 2010  10:01 AM

Sacrifice iPods for Lent

WAshford Profile: WAshford

Church leaders, demonstrating yet again that they can move with the times, have suggested the faithful should give up their iPods for Lent instead of the more traditional sacrifices.

The suggestion is part of a "carbon fast" campaign backed by the Church of England.

Bishop of...

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