June 13, 2012  12:16 PM

Need to motivate your staff? Have you tried a zombie horde?

mscott2 Profile: mscott2
Android, Apple, Games, IOS, iPhone, Zombie

Sometimes, just sometimes, your boss shouting and spitting in your face from approximately 0.06cm may not be the thing to give you that much needed motivational boost you have been waiting for. 

In fact, insults and threats could soon be on the way out. Don't...

May 30, 2012  3:48 PM

A presidential cock-up

jscott1 Profile: jscott1
iPhone, MittRomney, Republican

It is not unheard of for an American president to have trouble with his grammar, but surely if you are hoping to be the president of one of the world's super-powers good spelling should be a necessary skill?

Not so, it seems, as Republican...

May 29, 2012  2:26 PM

Stolen iPhone exposes thief

WAshford Profile: WAshford

Katy McCaffrey assumed she had lost her iPhone and would never see it again when it was missing after she had been on a Caribbean cruise, but that was not the end.

A few weeks later, the iPhone began uploading images to the internet. The thief was using the iPhone to take pictures, but...

May 10, 2012  12:40 PM

Sexting app could have a use for tech firms

mscott2 Profile: mscott2
Facebook, image, IOS, iPhone, iTunes, Sext, Web applications

Okay, you caught Downtime. We sexed up the headline a bit, Snapchat isn't "officially" a sexting app, it is a real-time picture chatting app that offers time protection.  

Although, you...

March 28, 2012  3:06 PM

Apple marketing spin: It’s not a problem, it’s a great feature!

falani Profile: falani
Apple, battery, IOS, ipad, iPhone, iPod Touch

January 13, 2012  10:19 AM

Gambling for nerds

mscott2 Profile: mscott2
Apple, ipad, iPhone

Accumulator, seven fold, odds on. Are these, along with everything football, a foreign language to you? Have you been the odd one out when your friends popped down to the bookies to have a flutter?


Following the news that Apple is...

January 3, 2012  2:43 PM

Apple iPhone malfunction leaves Tesco red-faced

WAshford Profile: WAshford
Apple, iPhone, Siri, Tesco

Apple's Siri voice control technology is aimed at making the firm's iPhones more interactive and user friendly, but a 12-year-old boy got more than he bargained for when he tested it out at a supermarket.

According to reports, Charlie Le Quesne was trying out the iPhone 4S at a Tesco...

January 3, 2012  1:11 PM

Not sticking to your New Year’s resolution? That’ll be a fiver please.

mscott2 Profile: mscott2
App store, Gym, Gympact, IOS, iPhone, Smartphones

We all do it, or rather attempt to. No chocolates for three months, starting a diet and probably the most common, joining a gym. I am, of course, talking about New Year's resolutions.

If you hadn't already realised, and I hate myself for typing this, "there's now an app for...

December 15, 2011  2:30 PM

It isn’t your personality that stops you from having a holiday romance, it’s your iPhone

mscott2 Profile: mscott2
Android, Apple, apps, Facebook, iPhone, Lanzarote, twitter

A, not-so-extensive, survey of 1,000 people by Skyscanner has revealed that you're more likely to land a lady in Lanzarote if you own a 'old-school' mobile. 

According to their survey, only 54% of iPhone users admit to holiday romances compared to a whopping 72% of...

December 14, 2011  11:40 AM

Back in my day……..we didn’t have apps

mscott2 Profile: mscott2
computerweekly, iPhone, language, lol, Slang

Over 50's group Saga, keen to move with the times, have launched an iPhone app for the older generation. The app, titled, 'Woteva' translates teen slang, allowing users to communicate with all those Vicky Pollard types out there.

'Woteva' contains a dictionary of...

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