March 4, 2013  11:56 AM

Japanese apply Victorian prudishness to iPhones

WAshford Profile: WAshford
iPhone, smartphone

The Victorian practice covering up "immodest" table limbs may now be regarded as a myth, but the Japanese seem to be applying a similar approach to the iPhone.

In particular, the iPhone's home button has been singled out for the cover-up treatment using Bandai's...

January 25, 2013  4:35 PM

The iPhone coffee cup holder

CBaldwin Profile: CBaldwin
Coffee, Handsfree, iPhone, smartphone, Uppercup

Ever found yourself in that unbearable situation where you just can't put your phone down to stop texting your friend, but you've just bought yourself a hot cup o' Joe. What do you do? Put your phone in your pocket so you can drink you Mocha? Precariously hold the plastic cup between...

January 24, 2013  12:57 PM

The app that tells you if ‘measure up’

jscott1 Profile: jscott1
App store, Apple, iPhone, penis

November 14, 2012  4:31 PM

One-in-20 people use their mobiles during sex

CBaldwin Profile: CBaldwin
Apple, iPhone, Mobile Computing, smartphone, social network

Yes, you read the headline right, more than half of people regularly use their mobile devices in bed, with 5% shockingly using their mobile while in the middle of having sex with their partner.*

Narly half check their social networks and emails on...

November 14, 2012  3:04 PM

The new boring

Bryan Glick Bryan Glick Profile: Bryan Glick
boring, IBM, iPhone, Microsoft Surface

It has taken some time for IT professionals to shake off the "boring geek" image of its bearded and sandal-wearing past, but Downtime still feels that a forthcoming event in London will appeal to parts of our constituency.

November 1, 2012  11:42 AM

Apple’s Siri silenced on a certain topic in China

WAshford Profile: WAshford
Apple, China, iPhone, nokia, Siri, twitter

Apple's voice recognition technology on the iPhone is used widely in China to provide help in finding suppliers of goods and services, but it has been silence on one particular topic.

According to reports,...

October 25, 2012  11:59 AM

Idiots should not be trusted with phones

jscott1 Profile: jscott1
Cow, iPhone

August 28, 2012  9:45 AM

Got a spare £80k for an Apple 1?

jscott1 Profile: jscott1
Apple, Apple-1, ipad, iPhone, steve jobs

August 16, 2012  10:44 AM

Ultimate security, no paper or digital trail

mscott2 Profile: mscott2
etch-a-sketch, Hamm, iPhone

Hamm, the piggy bank in Toy Story, is a criminal mastermind. You all remember the part where he uses Etch, the Etch-A-Sketch, to formulate a plan to rescue Woody, right?

Well, now iPhone owners can formulate, sketch and erase notes, reminders, evil plans and doodles to their...

July 18, 2012  10:28 AM

iPhone can now punch above its weight

WAshford Profile: WAshford

Smartphones already provide a vast toolkit in your pocket, and soon that arsenal could include the ability to take down a violent attacker.

No, not a new app, but a cunningly crafted case, initially designed for the iPhone 4, that includes a 650,000 volt stun gun.

Named "Yellow...

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