September 26, 2008  10:25 AM

South Cambridgeshire becomes a virtual Guyana

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government, Software

The British National Party was on high alert when a computer system used by South Cambridgeshire council recorded that there were thousands of South American people living within its...

September 26, 2008  10:12 AM

“Let them eat broadband,” Brown tells conference

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August 20, 2008  4:00 PM

Downing Street video riles Clarkson electioneers

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government, National news, online

Downing Street's website has, since April, played host to a petition signed by 49,447 people for Jeremy Clarkson to be made prime minister.

August 11, 2008  2:59 PM

It’s official: holidays in Britain are dangerous

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According to Directgov, the government's public information service (aka BigBruvGov), four in 10 Brits on holiday at home are likely to suffer "personal and health mishaps"...

August 7, 2008  12:10 PM

National press chips away at government’s ID card scheme

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government, Security

Last week The Times reported that an expert was able to clone a new microchipped passport in "minutes", which would be "accepted by the computer software recommended for use at international airports".

The news will no doubt...

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