May 24, 2016  12:27 PM

Norway live-streams Facebook’s terms of service

Alex Scroxton Alex Scroxton Profile: Alex Scroxton
Facebook, Norway

If you're at a loose end following last night's episode of Game of Thrones - and who would have thought Ned Stark turned out to.... [watch it. Ed.] - then for the next few hours at least, you...

February 25, 2016  2:30 PM

Football fans prove to be more obsessed by teams than tech

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
Facebook, football, social media

The younger generation are so obsessed with technology they've been given the hotly debated label "digital natives" who go nowhere without at least one device glued to their person.

But what the population...

January 28, 2015  11:17 AM

Quick! Call 911, Facebook is offline!

CBaldwin Profile: CBaldwin
Facebook, Instagram, social network

This week the two social networking giants Facebook and Instagram went offline. Facebook is blaming an internal fault caused by engineers, while others are blaming a DDos attack. Whatever the cause, the fact is they were offline for less than an hour.

January 16, 2015  11:07 AM

No patch for stupidity

WAshford Profile: WAshford
Facebook, scam, Skype, Social networking, Webcam

Proving the computer security lament that there is no patch for human stupidity, three UK students have been stung in a Skype scam.

They admitted to North Yorkshire Police that they accepted a friend request on Facebook from a total stranger who...

August 26, 2014  3:24 PM

Fancy a car-crash picture for all your image queries on Google?

Archana Venkatraman Profile: Archana Venkatraman
Brazil, Canada, Facebook, Germany, Google, Russia, twitter

Another day, another internet cock-up.

On Tuesday, users searching for any pictures on Google Images - kittens, puppies, flowers, food or even Google's own logo - were flooded with the same picture of a Russian car accident in the results page.


July 8, 2014  11:44 AM

No sex please, we’re commissioning a survey

Alex Scroxton Alex Scroxton Profile: Alex Scroxton
Cthulhu, Facebook, smartphone,, Tinder, twitter

silly season bananastock.jpg 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

June 2, 2014  4:57 PM

The internet of things is making everything smart, stupid

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
Amazon, Apple, dash, Facebook, FItbit, Gartner, Internet of Things, smartphone, Wi-Fi

So the latest thing to help users buy more things is Amazon Dash - a grocery tool that connects to users' home Wi-Fi network and allows them to add items to their shopping list by simply saying it or scanning it.

"Say or scan items into your Dash, and...

March 20, 2014  1:59 PM

The last gasp for social networking?

JimMortleman JimMortleman Profile: JimMortleman, cloak, Facebook, Social networking, twitter

There's been a lot of hoohah this week about the growth of "anti-social" networking app Cloak - which examines location data from your contacts' various social networks and warns you if anyone you might want to avoid is nearby, so you can stealthily conceal yourself behind a pillar, tablet...

January 23, 2014  10:43 AM

Status: Arrested

WAshford Profile: WAshford
Facebook, Lescowitch, police, social media

Once again proving that social media is dangerous, a fugitive from the law has landed himself behind bars through his activities on Facebook.

Wanted on a charge of aggravated assault, Anthony Lescowitch of Freeland Pennsylvania shared a police status update...

May 9, 2013  2:58 PM

Facebook outs Fergie’s successor

jscott1 Profile: jscott1
Facebook, twitter

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