August 15, 2012  3:29 PM

Burglars say cheese!

jscott1 Profile: jscott1
burglary, photo, TrustGo

We all know how our mobile phone insurance is barely worth the paper it is written on and how big a target smartphones are in the eyes of a pickpocket? Well, a new tool has come to light that could make finding the phone thief easier than ever before.

February 23, 2012  12:17 PM

US fast-food outlet turns to social media to catch thieves

WAshford Profile: WAshford
burglary, Facebook, social media

A US fast-food outlet in Boston has turned to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook in an effort to catch a gang of burglars.

The thieves tried to knock out a CCTV camera with a sledgehammer during the raid, now the Boloco burrito outlet is using the images captured in an attempt to capture...

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