Big Data

July 27, 2016  5:07 PM

The ageing face of data

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
Big Data, Data, Data Analytics, Data Science

Much to the frequent disregard of the millennial generation, technology has enabled a number of daily processes to become autonomous and instantaneous. Perhaps the most frequent of these processes, that often goes unnoticed, is the collection of data.

April 14, 2011  10:20 AM

Technology enables Orwellian world, but at least there won’t be traffic jams

WAshford Profile: WAshford
Analytics, gps, IBM, Orwellian, tracking, traffic

It is good to know that one of the world's largest IT companies is looking into applying technology to important global problems such as traffic congestion.

A team of researchers at IBM, dedicated to the conundrum of how to avoid being caught in a traffic jam, have drawn on sophisticated...

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