August 13, 2015  3:50 PM

How clean is your smartphone?

Caroline Donnelly Profile: Caroline Donnelly
Apple, gadgets

For reasons unknown, furniture retailer Bright House has commissioned some boffins to investigate the cleanliness of a range of living room items, including laptops, smartphones and tablets.

June 5, 2015  10:46 AM

Bargain Hunt US: Dumped Apple I computer sells for £130,000

Caroline Donnelly Profile: Caroline Donnelly
Apple, Business, National news

A hunt has been launched for an elderly lady in America who unwittingly dumped a rare Apple I computer, worth more than £130,000, at a recycling centre.

The lady in question donated the computer, which sports a whopping 4k...

June 2, 2014  4:57 PM

The internet of things is making everything smart, stupid

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
Amazon, Apple, dash, Facebook, FItbit, Gartner, Internet of Things, smartphone, Wi-Fi

So the latest thing to help users buy more things is Amazon Dash - a grocery tool that connects to users' home Wi-Fi network and allows them to add items to their shopping list by simply saying it or scanning it.

"Say or scan items into your Dash, and...

January 14, 2014  12:36 PM

Quit your job from the safety of your iPhone

jscott1 Profile: jscott1
app, Apple, iPhone, Job, quit, TheLadders

November 26, 2013  1:28 PM

The iPhone thief and the drinks mafia boss

jscott1 Profile: jscott1
Apple, China, icloud, iPhone, thief

July 29, 2013  12:21 PM

I’ve been attacked by a bear, it’s over [END TEXT]

jscott1 Profile: jscott1
app, Apple, IOS, iPhone, smartphone

May 30, 2013  5:39 PM

Finally, the gadget we’ve all been waiting for… iSPOON

CBaldwin Profile: CBaldwin
Apple, cooking, foodie, ipad, iPhone, smartphone

This is what every gadget-loving foodie needs in their kitchen - an iSpoon.

Remember the last time you were using the Jamie Oliver app on your iPad and confused your stylus with your wooden spoon, consequently getting passata all over the screen of your shiny device?...

April 23, 2013  1:05 PM

When I think about you I touch my… iPhone app

jscott1 Profile: jscott1
Apple, apps, Durex, iPhone, YouTube

The plight of the long distance lover has continued to improve over the years thanks to technology. From cheaper phone calls, free texts with WhatsApp, long, languishing emails and video conferencing to see your beloved's face, partners separated...

January 24, 2013  12:57 PM

The app that tells you if ‘measure up’

jscott1 Profile: jscott1
App store, Apple, iPhone, penis

November 14, 2012  4:31 PM

One-in-20 people use their mobiles during sex

CBaldwin Profile: CBaldwin
Apple, iPhone, Mobile Computing, smartphone, social network

Yes, you read the headline right, more than half of people regularly use their mobile devices in bed, with 5% shockingly using their mobile while in the middle of having sex with their partner.*

Narly half check their social networks and emails on...

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