August, 2018

August 29, 2018  11:01 AM

You don’t know you’re porn

Ryan Priest Ryan Priest Profile: Ryan Priest

What’s all this about deepfakes? We can’t move lately for the sinister imagery that accompanies this ubiquitous news item designed to make baby boomers put down their Oat So Simple.

While the likes of

August 15, 2018  3:51 PM

Taste the deference

Ryan Priest Ryan Priest Profile: Ryan Priest

Sainsbury’s is trialling its first ever till-free supermarket, entrusting us with the task of scanning our own items via our smartphones.

August 9, 2018  1:52 PM

AI makes wallies of us all

Ryan Priest Ryan Priest Profile: Ryan Priest

As much as we try to embrace all the various wonders of modern technology, we still turn into Danny DeVito’s character as the bitter, resentful father in Matilda whenever we see a news story about artificial intelligence doing something better than us.

August 2, 2018  12:48 PM

Drone accidentally announced in Argos catalogue

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
Argos, drone, retail

Technology companies are always coming up with increasingly elaborate ways to announce their new products. But when drone manufacturer decided to postpone the press event where it would announce its new Mavic 2 Pro drone, it didn’t give Argos enough time to react, and the product along with...

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