March, 2012

March 29, 2012  1:27 PM

Someone can’t use Google very well

mscott2 Profile: mscott2
Facebook, Kate, Mattel

We had to put up with a load of tat being released for the Royal Wedding and you'd be forgiven for thinking that would be that.

But ohhhhh noooo. Here comes more Royal Wedding Anniversary tat. Form an orderly queue. 

However, something is...

March 29, 2012  1:11 PM

Military robot puts Olympic high jumpers to shame

mscott2 Profile: mscott2
Afghanistan, robot, Sahara

The "sand flea" is not an insect you would find on a camel in the Sahara, it is actually a new robot being developed to help the US Military conduct reconnaissance missions. 

Although it does look a lot like a kids remote control car, the sand flea weights only 5kg...

March 28, 2012  3:06 PM

Apple marketing spin: It’s not a problem, it’s a great feature!

falani Profile: falani
Apple, battery, IOS, ipad, iPhone, iPod Touch

March 26, 2012  12:24 PM

Woman sues Apple for $1 million for broken nose

WAshford Profile: WAshford
Apple, lawsuit

Arguably, a large part of Apple's success is the style of its technology gadgets, but Apple's emphasis on the aesthetic could cost the company a lot of money.

Apple's appeal across generations is another of its strengths, but that too may prove to be an Achilles heel in the case of US...

March 21, 2012  12:22 PM

MP rebuked for fiddling

WAshford Profile: WAshford

In this day and age, who can say they are not guilty of fiddling in much the same way as the SNP's Angus MacNeil who was caught at it during a debate in the House of Commons.

Unfortunately for the MP, he was seen by Speaker John Bercow  and rebuked for fiddling with his smart...

March 20, 2012  3:04 PM

Nokia patents tattoos that vibrate when you get a call

falani Profile: falani
arts, Bodyart, nokia, Patent, Skin, Tattoo

March 15, 2012  6:00 PM

Apple short of a picnic

khall2 Profile: khall2

A stream of fanboy refugees winding down Regent Street, equipped with sleeping bags for a rough night on the pavement can mean only one thing: a new Apple product is about to hit the shelves.

This time, of course, it's the new iPad - complete with the magical properties of retina...

March 13, 2012  3:44 PM

Maybe your parents weren’t so bad

mscott2 Profile: mscott2
Bell, Clown, Miami, Michael, YouTube

American teen Michael Bell Jr will be concentrating a lot harder in school now.

After returning home one evening with his report card, which containted three F's, Michael's parents decided a punishment was in order. 


March 13, 2012  11:36 AM

Skyped Sunderland burglar jailed

WAshford Profile: WAshford
Skype, Sunderland

Burglary 101: Always check there are no computing devices in the room before liberating any of the goods because someone may just be watching.


March 9, 2012  3:31 PM

Twitter is more useful than you think

mscott2 Profile: mscott2
Apple, Internet Explorer, ipad, London, outlook express, twitter

Twitter has added another string to its ever impressive bow of usefulness. 

It can now practically write Downtime entries. 

The hashtag "#ComputingSongs" was trending in...

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