January, 2010

January 21, 2010  10:04 AM

Nagging bug

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
bug, Windows

A security bod at Google recently discovered a 17 year old Windows bug. Nice to see Microsoft is working fast to plug all the holes in Windows and the hacker friendly Internet Explorer browser.

January 20, 2010  3:04 PM

12,500 electronic devices left in taxis – who are these idiots?

ComputerWeeklyStaff Profile: ComputerWeeklyStaff
crime, Mobile Computing, Surveys

Those of us who have never lost a pen drive, left a mobile on a bench or decided their laptop would be of better use on a bus, please join me.

We are the select few who see our handheld devices as an extension of ourselves. You would never leave your right index finger in the library...

January 20, 2010  12:26 PM

Should Child Benefit be renamed ‘mobile credit’?

ComputerWeeklyStaff Profile: ComputerWeeklyStaff
Mobile Computing

A survey of 1,398 parents with young children by gift and gadget site has found that 63% of under-10s have mobile phones, and more than half of parents don't check how much their offspring use them.

Only the rich have tended to use their mobile phones indiscriminately. Now...

January 20, 2010  11:08 AM

Video games are bad for relationships – really?

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40

A national survey of almost 2000 men and women as revealed that video games are a major cause of relationships breaking up.

So get rid of the games console and take up a new hobby if you want your relationship to stand the test of time.

Drink, drugs and rock and roll. That...

January 15, 2010  11:23 AM

We wuz robbed – Shockley, Bardeen and Brattain

ComputerWeeklyStaff Profile: ComputerWeeklyStaff
economist, Microprocessors, transistors

Readers of Computer Weekly's sister publication New Scientist recently voted the microprocessor as the most important "discovery" of the past 50 years. It was upgainst  the mobile phone; space exploration; magnetic resonance imaging; the World Wide Web; the global optical fibre...

January 13, 2010  1:15 PM

Downtime forces Google’s hand on China

ComputerWeeklyStaff Profile: ComputerWeeklyStaff
China, Google

Less than a week passed before Google responded to Downtime's prod to stop censoring search results delivered to Chinese web users.
Well, we'd like to claim the credit, but we suspect...

January 12, 2010  5:02 PM

Vote early, vote often

ComputerWeeklyStaff Profile: ComputerWeeklyStaff
Intellect, vote

Intellect, the UK's trade association for the ICT sector, is running an election for which of five actions the governement should priortise in terms of its Digital Britain agenda. Voting opened yesterday, and Downtime's vote to get more people to use the net meant a  tie between that and...

January 12, 2010  11:27 AM

Twitter comes of age with its first murder

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
murder, Social networking, twitter

Social networking appears to be quite the infamous instigator in murder cases. Police in New York said that a man

January 12, 2010  10:07 AM

Man sues neighbour for charging her iPhone

ComputerWeeklyStaff Profile: ComputerWeeklyStaff

An argument over an iPhone is reaching new heights in Santa Fe, where a man is suing his neighbour $530,000 for refusing to switch hers off.

Arthur Firstenberg says the electromagnetic fields from the device are destroying his health, saying that the iPhone and a laptop left charging...

January 11, 2010  9:48 AM

Video – IT fitness drive boosted by robot sex toy

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40

An IT professional body has launched a campaign to help IT workers get fit. Recent research revealed that IT workers are the most inactive of all professionals when it comes to fitness. But the group's campaign could receive an unexpected boost in the form of

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