July, 2008

July 18, 2008  10:31 AM

Get to know your dinner a little better

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Shoppers in Norway are getting a supermarket information system that will allow them to download complete curricula vitae of any poultry they buy. Norwegian food producer Nortura has...

July 17, 2008  5:52 PM

Photo story: Government CIOs turn green

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CIO, CIOs, Government IT, Green IT


Minister for transformational government Tom...

July 17, 2008  10:29 AM

Ingenious excuses from banks number 452

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Banks and building societies should implement bespoke excuse generating machines. This was the idea of one reader who was told by his erstwhile mortgage lender that the reason there was a hold up in his application was due to a...

July 16, 2008  10:26 AM

Richard Thomas gets tough on Dot Cotton

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No-one is safe from the Freedom of Information Act, not even the BBC. Big brother is cracking the whip and Aunty will have to comply. The Information Commissioner's Office - which, one would hope, should have more important things to do -

July 15, 2008  10:23 AM

Cards in London cabs are contactless and pointless

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The Scots clearly have no idea how much taxis cost in London. The Royal Bank of Scotland anyway. The bank has decided to roll out contactless card readers in London...

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July 11, 2008  5:08 PM

Caramel latte + keyboard = Downtime (for real)

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A nice caramel latte certainly perks Downtime up of a Friday afternoon, but sadly it seems today's pick-me-up arrived just a little too late. Suffering from the onset of the shakes from prolonged caffeine and sugar withdrawal - two hours is a long time to wait - Downtime didn't quite manage to...

July 8, 2008  11:16 AM

Pursue a satisfying career in cutomer support

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A John Doe writes to Computer Weekly: I work for an ISP. After two calls totalling 45 minutes with one customer, I asked him to bring his computer in and I would configure it myself. He was a bit skeptical, so I assured him that he did not have to bring in the whole computer, just the CPU - no...

July 7, 2008  10:00 AM

Newport feels the aftershock of the brain drain

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Reader James Walton from Newport writes: "A friend just got his new Windows system and bought a bunch of software to go along with it. He installed everything, then complained that when he started his computer up, the screen was so cluttered he was having a hard time finding his desktop. "Somewhat...

July 5, 2008  4:03 PM

Niche sports league takes off in USA

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An American website with very stern religious views thinks the word "gay" is ambiguous, and so uses the word "homosexual" when reporting news stories. 

According to reports from the Guardian, writers were told to replace the word "gay" with...

July 4, 2008  3:26 PM

Boffins reach out to the beautiful young people

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Downtime notes the sterling efforts of Electronics Weekly's Gadget Freak, in addressing the image problem associated with technology, by highlighting the eldritch weirdness going on in the...

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