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April 30, 2012  4:51 AM

iPhone 5 Release Date?

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! Here’s another tidbit from the rumour mill. Apparently someone at Foxconn has let slip the release date of the iPhone 5.

The latest rumours state that the iPhone 5 could be released in June or as late as October. Is this for real? There is no way to know for certain as Apple is notoriously tight lipped about these kinds of things.

All we can say is that the world is waiting with baited breath. It should be interesting to see what the iPhone 5 release does for Apple’s stock, it already skyrocketed amongst greater than expected results.


April 30, 2012  4:47 AM

RIM Updating Apps for BBM

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! So as part of RIM’s efforts to save itself from the clutches of death, they have decided to update their apps.

RIM is going to be updating their apps to be more BBM friendly. This is supposed to help social networking integration with the BlackBerry.

Now I think this is a great idea in theory, but once again, this could be too little too late. Both Apple and Android have gained tons of ground at BlackBerry’s expense so we’ll see what happens here.


April 30, 2012  4:44 AM

Microsoft brings the MCSE name back!

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! So do you remember the old days of the MCSE certification? Well some people look at those old days in a good or a bad light depending on who you are.

But there is one thing you can’t deny, and that’s the proliferation of the MCSE name/brand and how recognizable it is. Well Microsoft has gone and brought the name back! It no longer stands for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer however. It now stands for Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, so all you professional engineers out there can relax. 🙂

You can read more about it here.


April 30, 2012  4:41 AM

EPIC Technology Day a Great Success Again!

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! Thanks again to everyone who attended EPIC Technology Day! It was a great event and once again we had a record turnout!

This event couldn’t be run without the hard work of all the great vendors and the employees of EPIC, but most importantly without you wonderful customers attending! So thanks again for coming and we hope you came away from the event with some great information.

There was a lot of buzz about the usual topics such as virtualization and unified communications, but this time BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) also seemed to garner a lot of interest.

Stay tuned for another great event in October!


April 30, 2012  4:33 AM

Jim Balsillie and RIM

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! So before Jim left RIM he seemed to make some waves. What did he do?

He tried to get them to play ball by utilizing the RIM network with other carriers. This could have meant big business for RIM. Unfortunately he was out voted and it never came to fruition.

Time will tell if this was the right move by the board. You can read more here.


April 30, 2012  4:28 AM

Samsung Galaxy S3 Pictures Leaked

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! So as we all wait in anticipation for the latest phone from Samsung, some pictures were leaked!

Apparently these pictures were of the S3 in a dummy case to throw off would be spies. So basically it makes it easy for employees to test the phone in the field without fear of the word getting out.

In any case it still makes for exciting news and hopefully we’ll see the phone soon!


April 30, 2012  3:01 AM

Wireless N Connectivity Issues with New Gadgets

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks, so you get that brand new phone or tablet and are wondering why you aren’t getting N speeds? Well that might be because your manufacturer cheaper out and only put in a wireless card that supports 2.4 GHZ N only.

You see most new devices only support the 2.4 GHZ wireless range and not the 5 GHZ range. Whereas N can actually be made available in both ranges. A lot of wireless installations only support N in the 5 GHZ range which then means that your device ends up connecting at non N speeds if it only supports 2.4 GHZ.

What can you do to fix this? Not much. If it’s your own network, you can make sure your solution support N on both ranges. But if it’s not you out of luck unless you opt to buy a different smart phone or tablet that supports A/B/G/N instead of just B/G/N.

You can read more here.


April 30, 2012  2:39 AM

Ice Cream Sandwich Update List Released

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks, after many rumours over the past month, Samsung has finally released an update list for ICS.

Samsung’s list only covers US carriers however. This list will give some of you an idea of what you are waiting for.

You can read more about the list here.


April 30, 2012  2:35 AM

Telus Ice Cream Sandwich Update for Samsung Galaxy S II X

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks, the update for the Samsung Galaxy S II X for anyone on Telus in Canada is still not out yet. We have been waiting a long time, and I am beginning to think this delay is on purpose.

Why would anyone release the ICS update if they can just stall until the Samsung Galaxy S III comes out and force people to upgrade?

I have a sneaking suspicion that this is what Telus is trying to do. You can read more here.


April 14, 2012  5:32 PM

EPIC Tech Day is here again!

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks, it’s that time of year again. EPIC will be holding their Technology Day event in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and you won’t want to miss it.

The event is chock full of IT goodness and all the usual suspects will be there as well as some new vendors you may have not seen before such as Meru Networks and SonicWALL!

If you work in the Manitoba area and are interested in IT, please come on down and check us out. There will be lots of information for you to soak in!

You can read more about it here for registration details.

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