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September 1, 2012  2:59 AM

HP Folio 13

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks, so I finally bit the bullet and got a PC based ultrabook. Of course I’ve owned a MacBook Air this whole time so anything I do with it I automatically find myself comparing it to my MacBook.

I ended up getting the HP Folio 13 and I have to say I’m quite impressed with it. It actually feel smaller than my 13″ MacBook Air but the MacBook Air is still thinner.

For a business ultrabook on the go it does just fine, however I wish it came with 8 GB of RAM and a larger SSD drive. Hopefully in the future HP will release beefier versions of the Folio 13.


August 23, 2012  2:28 PM

VMware vCloud Suite 5.1 Announced!

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! So another annoucement was the announcement of VMware’s new product vCloud Suite 5.1. This is essentially a combination of a lot of VMware’s other products in a single bundle.

The products included are:

  • vSphere Enterprise Plus 5.1
  • vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.1
  • vCloud Director 5.1
  • vCloud Networking and Security 5.1

This puts it all in one easy to buy SKU. You can get Standard, Advanced and Enterprise editions. You can see the difference between the editions here.


August 21, 2012  2:19 PM

Backup for vSphere!

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! So with the latest release of vSphere, we now have something called VDP, or vSphere Data Protection!

VMware will now be including the ability to backup your vm’s right out of the box.  This is based on EMC’s Avamar and has deduplication abilities. This will probably work well in small business environments.

The downside? You can only backup to a VMFS data store and you can’t backup to regular shared storage. This makes it a pain to pull the data off of the VMFS store if you want to take it offsite.

You can read more here.


August 19, 2012  2:11 PM

Big changes to the vSphere client

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! So with all the VMware news, you can’t ignore the changes where the vSphere client is concerned!

In vSphere 5.1 the vSphere Web Client is going to be the primary method of communication with VMware for the administrator. The old client is still there but is not considered the method which you should use. The move to the web client will allow easy administration from any platform.

For those of us that use Macs, this is great news!


August 17, 2012  2:05 PM

vCloud Networking and Security 5.1

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! VMware now having solidly dominated the server virtualization space is now moving into the network side of things. Look to VMware in the coming years to increasingly try to virtualize the rest of the datacenter by moving towards the network.

VMware announced vCloud Networking and Security 5.1 which is there step towards this goal. There are a few components in this that replace old products. Edge replaces vShield Edge and App replaces vShield App. VXLAN is also included.

You can read more about it here.

August 15, 2012  1:58 PM

Updates to vMotion!

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! So the next great news from VMware relates to vMotion!

For those of you that don’t know vMotion is what allows you to move a VM live from one host server to another all while it’s running. In the past this was accomplished using shared storage. The problem with this is that not everyone can afford a SAN solution.

So now vMotion has the capability to vMotion without shared storage! This is huge news for the small business sector where costly SAN purchases are just not in people’s budgets. Way to go VMware!


August 13, 2012  1:53 PM

Office 365 and SBS

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! So if you haven’ t heard the annoucnement already, SBS 2011 is going the way of the dodo. Microsoft has announced that they will no longer be making the SBS lineup of products.

Why are they doing this? Microsoft wants to drive those particular customers to the cloud and Office 365. Unfortunately this has caused many people to get angry at Microsoft for this forced adoption tactic.

So if you can’t use SBS in your business in the future, what are you going to do? Are you going to adopt the cloud or bite the bullet and use other products? You can read more here.


August 11, 2012  1:45 PM

Windows Server 2012 Release Date!

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! So for those of you that are anxiously awaiting Windows Server 2012, it was made available to manufacturing in August. But the release date for the rest of us will be September 4th, 2012!

How can you get your hands on it? You can download an evaluation copy from the TechNet Evaluation Center. Also if you are interested you can attend one of the many launch events across Canada with the Canadian Windows Server 2012 Launch Tour.

You can read more here.


August 9, 2012  1:38 PM

The CEO Shuffle!

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! So as you know there’s lots of great news coming out of VMworld this year. What else does VMware have in store for us?

Well for one, CEO Paul Maritz has passed the torch to EMC’s Pat Gelsinger. Then Paul Maritz is moving to EMC!  I’m thinking VMware is getting very serious about fighting Microsoft on the virtualization front and they are pulling out all the stops!

With Windows Server 2012 hot on their heels it’s going to be an interesting battle!

August 7, 2012  1:38 PM

VMware Fusion 5!

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! For all you Mac users out there, VMware Fusion 5 is available now! If you already own version 4, you can upgrade to 5 for $49.99.

Now you might be asking, why do you want the new version? Well for one, it’s much faster! Suspending and resuming VM’s are lightning quick! This is great on my MacBook Air which is already super fast due to it’s SSD drive.

When using applications in Windows in Fusion, this just makes my experience even better since I don’t have to wait as long to launch those applications. If you want to trial it first, you can just get a trial license from VMware’s website to give it a try, so you have no excuses!


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