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September 21, 2012  3:36 AM

Great USB to Serial Cable for your Ultrabook

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! For those of us network administrators that need a usb to serial cable to manage routers and switches, it can be a pain to find the right cable.

I’ve run into countless friends who have crappy cables that constantly disconnect them from their devices or just have horrible driver issues. Well there is one cable I have sworn by for years that I have to say I have had very little problems with. Those are the cables from GoldX. Specifically the GoldX USB to Serial Converter.

The cable can be bought here and the drivers can be downloaded for your operating system direct from their site. Here’s hoping they release good drivers again for Windows 8!


September 19, 2012  3:33 AM

EPIC Technology Day

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! It’s that time of year again! My company will be holding it’s twice yearly technology conference, EPIC Technology Day on October 30th, 2012!

For those of you that don’t know, it’s a day long conference filled with learning about various topics in IT. Every year it gets larger and larger and this October should be no exception.

You can register to attend the event here.


September 17, 2012  3:26 AM

Windows 8

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! So Windows 8 will be released on October 26th, 2012. I predict that this new UI will not be accepted well. Trying to mash a touch screen like interface onto computers without a touch screen just doesn’t make much sense to me. But that’s just my opinion.

Other things I don’t like? Let’s try the Start Screen for instance. Getting rid of the start button just seems like a silly idea if you ask me. If anything this whole Start Screen idea is just going to cause a whole lot of clutter for no good reason.

Good things about the new OS? Well it will features more integration with online services which should make things easier for users. However I can’t help but feel apprehensive about this latest release. I love Windows 7 and I’m afraid Windows 8 is just going to be another Vista. I guess time will tell.


September 15, 2012  3:21 AM

Windows Server 2012

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! So unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard that Windows Server 2012 was launched to general customer availability on September 4th, 2012.

Windows Server 2012 promises to be a great new operating system, all though I have to say I’m not a big fan of the UI. Lots of great new features, but seriously Microsoft, why did you have to butcher the UI?

Some of the new features:

  • Hyper-V Replica
  • IP Address Management
  • A new file system (ReFS)
  • IIS 8.0

To name a few. If you haven’t  had a chance to try it out, I urge you to deploy it in a lab and start fooling around with the features to get a feel for it. If you don’t like the new UI you can always install it in Server core mode.


September 13, 2012  3:18 AM

Hyper-V Replica

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! So one of the great new features in Windows Server 2012 is Hyper-V Replica!

What’s this you might ask? The ability to replicate your vm’s across regular broadband connections to another site. This basically gives small businesses a great way to achieve DR.

If you’re a large enterprise, you’ll probably want to stick with a more enterprise grade solution such as VMware’s SRM, but for the SMB Hyper-V replica promises to be one of the killer features of Windows Server 2012.

You can read more here.


September 11, 2012  3:15 AM

VMware Workstation 9

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! For those of you that don’t know, VMware Workstation 9 is out! This is VMware’s workstation based hyper-visor which allows you to install operating systems virtually on your desktop or laptop. This is great for doing labs and testing scenarios.

Workstation 9 promises some new features such as Hyper-V support as well as Windows 8 and nesting capabilities.

If you haven’t picked it up yet, you can upgrade at VMware’s web site. If you’re never tried it before you can try a fully functional free trial.


September 9, 2012  3:11 AM

Ice Cream Sandwich finally out for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Canada

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! So Ice Cream Sandwich was finally released in Canada for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. I cannot believe it took this long.

Now it’s obvious why. For those of you that don’t know, the electronics companies purposely delay so if you really want the latest firmware, you’ll buy a new tablet. It’s a form of forced obsolescence.

My patience prevailed however and they finally release ICS for my tablet. The upgrade was a cinch, and now my tablet is running ICS with no issues. All of my apps are working fine, and I can’t complain!

If you haven’t updated yet, I urge you to do so asap!


September 7, 2012  3:08 AM

iPhone 5!

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! So the iPhone 5 has finally launched, and the world rejoiced. Or at least all the fanboys did. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I probably wouldn’t mind trying out an iPhone 5, but I definitely don’t think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Far from it.

Most of the new features have existed in other competitive brand phones earlier. Frankly, I’m still in love with my Android based phones after using iPhones for years. I think I’ll wait until all the fuss has died down and then check it out with someone elses phone before I venture forth and buy one myself to see if it’s really worth it.


September 5, 2012  3:05 AM

Broke my HTC One X

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! So you guys have probably have heard about that video of the HTC One X by now. The one where the guy is hammering a nail with the screen to show how tough it is?

Well I guess it’s not all it’s “cracked” up to be. 🙂 I was using my HTC One X the other day while walking outside. I managed to fumble the phone in my hands and it hit the cement sidewalk glass facing down.

I picked up my phone expecting it to be ok, especially after seeing that video. Unfortunately it was completely shattered. Now Rogers is going to charge me to assess the damage and fix it. *sigh* I guess gorilla glass stinks. Either that or I got a defective unit.


September 3, 2012  3:02 AM

HDMI to VGA Adapter for your Ultrabook

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks, so now that you’ve bought that ultrabook, you’ll probably come to the quick realization that you need to hook up that external monitor through your hdmi port. But if your monitor doesn’t support hdmi, how do you do it?

Well HP sells a great adapter for a low price that you can pick up here. It’s an external HDMI to VGA adapter.


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