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October 17, 2012  5:51 PM

SonicWALL NSA 240 in Active Retirement Mode

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! For those of you that love SonicWALL as much as I do, this information is for you.

The SonicWALL NSA 240 is now in active retirement mode which is part of the end of life cycle for SonicWALL products. Instead you will want to look at other devices from them if you are considering buying new right now.

I would look at the SonicWALL NSA 220 or the SonicWALL 250M depending on what your needs are going forward. You can read the official SonicWALL notification here.


October 15, 2012  5:48 PM

HP A-Series Networking

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! If you’re recently looking into network upgrades, I highly suggest you look at the HP A-Series product line. This is not the old ProCurve networking gear most people are used to but the new gear from HP’s recent acquisitions in the past years.

The A-Series lineup of products is fully enterprise grade and ready to compete with the big boys. It also comes in at a great price and HP is really serious about these products so they have the full backing and support of HP.

One of the coolest things I love about A-Series is HP’s IRF technology. It allows you to manage multiple switches as one switch and have sub 50 ms failover times between links in a failure situation.


October 13, 2012  5:44 PM

Disaster Recovery Planning

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! So with the amount of virtualization out there today, it’s basically a commodity at this point. But even if you’re virtualized, have you spent the time to do the proper planning for disaster recovery?

If you haven’t, you have no excuse at this point. With the advent of virtualization, disaster recovery is made much easier with products like VMware’s Site Recovery Manager for example. You can easily failover to another site, test failovers and even fail back.

If you haven’t had a chance to do this, you should take a look at your options today, as you’re only as good as the plan you have and a plan that is tested thoroughly.


October 11, 2012  5:40 PM

Windows Server 2012

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! So since my last blog, I’ve had many people ask me about Windows Server 2012. It seems people are getting quite excited about the new operating system.

As well they should be! Windows Server 2012, for those of you that don’t know, contains a huge amount of new features such as a new file system, improved SMB performance, latest version of Hyper-V, and completely controllable via powershell.

This new version promises to be the cat’s meow! If you haven’t started testing it out in the lab yet, what are you waiting for? Do it now!


October 9, 2012  5:21 PM


Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! For all you gadget users out there, i’m sure you’ve dropped a tablet, or smart phone and completely destroyed it. Most warranties don’t cover accidental damage.

Well now you have an option with SquareTrade. Depending on the device, you can get accidental coverage and then just pay a small deductible fee to fix your device when you have a problem.

They have some very good prices for smartphones especially. You can read more here.


October 7, 2012  5:05 PM

Microsoft Surface

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! So what’s the hottest gear out on the market right now? Well I’d say the Microsoft Surface ranks high on that list! Tons of people are waiting to get their hands on them and there is a lot of buzz in the blogosphere for sure!

The new tablet from Microsoft is poised to be the same thing to PC users that the iPad is to Apple users. Will it do as well? Time will tell, but I for one can’t wait to get my hands on one to see for myself.


October 5, 2012  5:00 PM

Targus Docking Station for your HP Folio

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! So you bought that brand new HP Folio and you still need a docking station for it. Well as you know, there is no docking station port on the Folio. What do you do?

Well there are many 3rd party options out there, but I’ve tested one from Targus and it works great. It’s the Targus USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Dual Video Docking Station.

It has support for USB 3.0 and HDMI and works great through your USB 3.0 port on your Folio.  You can read more about it here.


October 3, 2012  6:03 PM

View your iPhone or iPad on your Mac or PC

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! Similar to the Air Parrot app, there is another app called Reflection which allows you to mirror your iPhone or iPad to your Mac or PC.

Now why would you want to do this? A couple of reasons actually – you can create demos for you tube, or even use it in collaboration with colleagues or teaching environments.

By controlling your tablet or smartphone and then displaying on a larger PC based screen or projector, the opportunities are endless. You can read more here.


October 1, 2012  4:56 PM

Air Parrot

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! So do you want to use that shiny new tv for mirroring your display with your Apple tv, but you don’t have a new MacBook or you have a Windows pc?

Well never fear, Air Parrot is here! Air Parrot is a software product that allows you to take advantage of airplay mirroring builtin to Apple tv’s with any Mac or PC.

You can give it a trial here.


September 23, 2012  3:40 AM

The one thing missing from all the MacBook Clones out there

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Hi folks! So after the MacBook Air started it all, there are now a bajillion MacBook Air clones out there. Ok, maybe not that many, but there sure are a lot out there!

The question is, have they succeeded? Well I would say they have in all ways but one. Sure there is great hardware out there, some of it even better than the MacBook Air I would say. But there is that last thing that I just have to nitpick at. And that’s the integration with the OS.

You see, when you use a MacBook Air and use the builtin trackpad, or even the external one, you get an experience as if you are almost one with the computer. The gestures that OS X allows is unreal in terms of the seamlessness of using the operating system.

Sure PC manufactures have tried to copy that with the trackpad software and drivers to allow you to have a similar experience, but it’s just not quite the same. It doesn’t seem like anyone has gotten it perfect just yet.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I urge you to try out a MacBook Air at your nearest store today!


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