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Apr 8 2009   2:45PM GMT

Microsoft’s Mythbusting of VMware

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

So you guys might have seen the Microsoft Video by now of their top 10 VMware myths they wanted to mythbust. Two guys in a video from Microsoft listing their top 10 list and then Microsoft’s response.

You know, I don’t mind mythbusting if it’s done properly, but these guys were all over the place. They were referencing products that aren’t even out yet and generally making fools of themselves. It’s no secret that I am a VMware fan and believe that VMware is the best solution for virtualization, but I still do believe that the other solutions have their place. I sincerely wish that Microsoft had taken their time to release something like this properly without making it look like they were shooting from the hip. It’s just embarrasing.

One of the things they talk about is memory overcommit and how it’s not really a big deal. Wow, is that a bunch of hot air or what. The moment Microsoft figures out how to do this themselves they will be talking about the virtues of Memory overcommit, just like they’re doing with Live migration now.

You can see VMware’s response to this video here.

Anyways, make sure you watch the video, it’s great for a laugh and shows you how desperate Microsoft really is.


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  • DarkAlman
    Microsoft's generic drivers used in hyperV scare the crap out of me. I run vmware on half a dozen different boxes with completely different hardware and the most important things for me are stability and VM portability. Vmware has been working with HP, IBM, Dell and Intel for years now to produce drivers and hardware that work together for virtualization. That's reliability I count on. I've been running Vmware for over 2 years at a client without ever having a single crash why would I switch to a product that runs as a core part of a Microsoft OS that's less than 6 months old!? Microsoft doesn't exactly have a good track record for new products. If I was planning on running an "over-top" virtualization tool ie one that runs on top of windows, it would only be for a test-lab scenario where cost was an issue and performance isn't. In that case I would run VMware 2.0 a proven (not version 1) virtualization tool with proper virtualization drivers, 100% compatibility with ESX, that runs complete stable on windows (2000, 2003 and XP) and linux and is btw completely free. Microsoft has gotten into the virtualization game too late, its generations behind VMware and like many things they do its too rushed and not well thought out. This video is touting unreleased features for a 2nd generation virtualization product. I'll stick with my proven 4th generation product thank you.
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