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Sep 7 2008   11:00PM GMT

Hyper-V and NIC teaming and Quick Migration

Raj Perumal Raj Perumal Profile: Raj Perumal

Apparently Microsoft’s new Hyper-V product is not compatible with NIC teaming. I hope Microsoft quickly resolves this as not being able to team NICS to provide redundancy in 24/7 servers is a big issue.

Also another area where Microsoft seems to be deficient is with Quick Migration. VMWare’s VMotion allows you to quickly migrate a virtual machine to another ESX host so you can perform maintenance on the original host. Microsoft’s Quick Migration should enable the same thing but people have been running into major issues with it as the process has caused some issues causing administrators much grief.

I recently have spoken with many people who are going the Hyper-V route because it’s “free”. I have to argue that now that VMWare’s ESXi is free, people really have no excuse not to go with VMWare based on their proven track record in the industry. These people are quick to point out the recent debacle with Update 2 but then you can’ t tell me that Microsoft hasn’t royally screwed up a patch in the past either. At the end of the day I still say that VMWare is your best bet at this point in time to keep your servers running smoothly.


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  • VirtualizationMaster
    Hi, Yes I agree Live migration is still lagging behind VMware VMotion and does not support networking teaming and have a lot more of trouble, but what shall we expect of Microsoft new live migration. If you have not heard yet, Microsoft are preparing their Live migration to be released soon. Check out Microsoft new Hyper-V server & Hyper-V live migration video at [A href=""]Virtualization Team blog Home[/A] or if it was removed from their home page directly at [A href=""][B]Hyper-V[/B] [B]Live Migration & New Hyper V server Video[/B][/A]. I hope this was of a use to every one. Enjoy, Virtualization Master
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  • Sys Eng
    So in Hyper-V NIC teaming is a problem, does anyone knows about ESXi can you team NIC's in ESXi...not in the VM's but in ESXi
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  • Raj Perumal
    Yes NIC teaming is supported in ESXi. Here is a quote I've copied and pasted from the VMware ESXi site: "[B]Enhanced NIC teaming.[/B] Give each networked virtual machine built-in NIC failover and load balancing enabling greater hardware availability and fault tolerance. New NIC teaming policies allow users to configure multiple active and standby adapters. Teaming configuration may be different for different port groups on the same virtual switch and different groups can even select different teaming algorithms for the same team."
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