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Mar 16 2007   1:37PM GMT

WDSC 7.0 is out….but there’s a catch

Brein Matturro Profile: Brein Matturro

Almost in time for the Ides of March, IBM is releasing the long-awaited ‘lite’ version of WDSC, version 7.0.  This new version is supposed to be able to run in a much smaller memory footprint.  That is good.  The bad news is that IBM appears to be trying to squueze a little more revenue from its customer base with regards to the (also) long-awaited replacements for CODE DESIGNER and CODE NAVIGATOR 

For a number of years now, a lot of WDSC fans, including myself, would ask George Farr or Phil Coulthard when these vital tools would finally be integrated into the WDSCi code base.  The answer was usually some variation of soon.  Turns out that soon may actually have been IBM-speak for never. The integrated WDSC replacements for these two tools are only included in the Advanced Edition of WDSC, at a cost of nearly $3,500 / developer.  If every reader who thinks their boss is going to cough up that much case per seat will send me a quarter, I just might get enough case to buy a small (tall) cup of Starbucks coffee!

Who else out there thinks IBM has blown it, considering they keep telling us to stop using PDM/SEU/SDA and get into the WDSC world?

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  • Jaicee
    Hey, don't get me wrong... i love my System/ASi5400Series38 running CPF400i5AS/OS V5R4M0.R2D2 (it really screams!)... but... let me catch my breath... i think IBM has really gone off the deep marketing end!! It's hard enough defending the platform as a system from the Microsoft everything people that i have to answer to, let alone trying to justify thousands of dollars for stuff we already have and which (with the exception of myself) may never be used by other's 'cuz... "it's too hard... it's too slow... it's too new..."! Great!! Now i can add, "'cuz it's too expensive..." to the list of wines that we get to choose from... Thanks for letting me vent/my5!
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  • Christian Eidsmoe
    The price IBM has set for WDSC 7.0 is ridiculous. $4000.00 ? What are they thinking? ASP.NET 2.0 has FREE tools- "2005 Express Editions" that are very powerful, I know, I'm using them. It's the same old lesson IBM has never learned- If they would invest in the iSeries, for example by nearly giving away WDSC 7, instead of trying to squeeze every penny out of it it would grow. The company I work for will definitely not pay, we'll just keep using WDSC 6.0. Which is sad, because when we can do a .NET web app using free tools, and IBM's aren't guess which one will be selected?
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