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Dec 12 2007   5:18PM GMT

DB2/400 vs. SQL Server

Mark Fontecchio Mark Fontecchio Profile: Mark Fontecchio

The System i Network is hosting an interesting thread comparing DB2 native on the System i with SQL Server. Join the fun, or leave your comments here.

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  • Dan
    DB2 ON ISERIES VS SQL Server I'm an iseries programmer but ask a stupid question get flamed. Move and copy tables. Tie DB2 Good easy to move and copy tables but limited to 10 chars table name native. SQL Server its a drag and drop thing now not too bad. Replication SQL Server Clear winner DB2 roll your own with journal, trigger, or buy product thats a three line cl program. SQL Server built in and replication to mobile devices running compact sql server is also built in. Update statement SQL Server Clear winner db2 requires a where exists when an embbedded select is used which I'm tired of writing. SQL Server does not (rummor it may go away from sql server for compliance with standards though) Run on laptop SQL Server Clear winner. SQL Server will run on a laptop. DB2 for iseries will not run on a laptop. DB2 will but thats a different thread. Embedded Code SQL Server Clear winner DB2 and SQL Server yes you can call a SQL procedure that calls native code. SQL Server you can also put native code into field validation. I could roll my own field validation with native code in Db2 with a trigger calling a sql procedure that calls a native program but that doesn't necessarily make it built in. Word Indexer SQL Server Clear winner. DB2 roll your own SQL Server built in. XML SQL Server Clear winner DB2 roll your own or buy the xml extender. SQL Server built in and validation with a schema is also built in. Good Luck DWS400
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  • jww
    I am in the same situation, I work with SQL Server 2005 primarily one 2000 server and Oracle v8 and iSeries v5r4. I would say that if his front end is VB.NET then he should stay with SQL Server 2005 although if the tables on the iSeries are truly "Tables" SQL described, they really do perform much faster than DDS described files. Use SQL views instead of logicals, slow even if keyed correctly. As far as using a SQL trigger to replicate data between the two, I just got through doing a similar project, it doesn't perform the way you would think. That's even with the OLE DB2 driver with a linked server. As far as uptime goes the sql server doesn't have to enter into restricted state for a full backup, full text search is very nice including binary(max) blob fields with integrated filters for full text searching. the built-in features are great but if there isn't one that you need it's not hard to quickly write one natively in TSQL or CRL which I love!! I am pretty sure if your a C++ person you can do that for both SQL server and DB2. There are so many features of SQL that are just great! And unless your going to go above a 4 Tb DB I would say stick with SQL Server. I like in-line functions with out the "from" for testing. I do like the zoned timestamp datatype in DB2 which SQL Server will have with the 2008 version. The sp's on the iSeries are pretty nice and fast but in your situation, your in the same as me the .NET iSeries driver is @$$ and you get all kinds of errors that you can't track, you have to resubmit calls etc, at least in the side of things dealing with page life cycle, timeouts etc. Unless you just have too, move it to SQL server if your above version 7 and you will be much happier. IMHO
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