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March, 2007

March 22, 2007  10:37 AM

COMMON Town Hall meeting — what’s up your sleeve?

Matt Stansberry Matt Stansberry Profile: Matt Stansberry

COMMON is coming up and I'd like to know what you folks are going to ask the IBM execs. Are you going to put their feet to the fire or are you going to bemoan the name change for another year? I travel to a lot of conferences in my job, and that meeting is the only event that I've ever attended...

March 22, 2007  6:48 AM

qwiki = wiki web app

Brein Matturro Profile: Brein Matturro

Using Java-based wiki software, I've helped create some qwiki apps ( Java Web apps ) that are buillt for less than 20% the cost of traditional Web apps in Java or ASP.  The key is finding wiki software that supports a normal set of security options and leverages Java's stronger multi-platform...

March 21, 2007  9:47 AM

System i/iSeries users share interesting blunders

Colin Steele Colin Steele Profile: Colin Steele

 If you’re like me and enjoy hearing about other people’s goofs or funny screw-ups, check out our Blunders page. As much as we all enjoy hearing about our peer’s mishaps, we...

March 21, 2007  7:55 AM

WDSc version 7.0 lacking

Colin Steele Colin Steele Profile: Colin Steele

 IBM recently announced the latest version of WebSphere Development Studio Client (WDSc), version 7.0. Unfortunately, IBM is leaving out Screen Designer and Application Diagram in the Standard Edition, and that has a lot of programmers hopping mad – not that I can blame...

March 20, 2007  11:03 AM

Have you “YouTubed” the iSeries yet?

Colin Steele Colin Steele Profile: Colin Steele

In an effort to promote the iSeries to a newer, hip audience IBM has recently started posting videos on is extremely popular with the younger generation of IT geeks, corny kids and folks that simply want their 10 minutes of fame. Want a chuckle? Check out the

March 20, 2007  10:09 AM

iSociety “fireside chat”

Mark Fontecchio Mark Fontecchio Profile: Mark Fontecchio

The iSociety, a sort-of MySpace for iFolk (my word), is hosting another fireside chat this Thursday. This time up: the people who run System i Developer, a group of experts on the platform. Past events like...

March 20, 2007  10:08 AM

Back to the future

Brein Matturro Profile: Brein Matturro

I remember very distinctly, the day I was told about a new technology that would someday be commonplace. It was a perfect weather day in northern Alabama, 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. This “new technology” was a common database and the most efficient language on every...

March 16, 2007  1:37 PM

WDSC 7.0 is out….but there’s a catch

Brein Matturro Profile: Brein Matturro

Almost in time for the Ides of March, IBM is releasing the long-awaited 'lite' version of WDSC, version 7.0.  This new version is supposed to be able to run in a much smaller memory footprint.  That is good.  The bad news is that IBM appears to be trying to squueze a little more revenue from...

March 15, 2007  1:14 PM

Applied Logic enhances iSeries encryption

Mark Fontecchio Mark Fontecchio Profile: Mark Fontecchio

Applied Logic Corp. yesterday announced enhancements to its Pro/Encrypt software for the System i, iSeries and AS/400. In today's world of

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